Top 20 SEO Training Institutes in Ahmedabad in 2021

Top 20 SEO Training Institutes in Ahmedabad in 2021


Do you wonder when you search for a topic on Google, and the most relevant result for you comes up? It’s the power of SEO. The websites with better, relevant, and optimized content rank up higher on the results page. And why? The answer is to provide the best solution to your query. That’s how search engines work!


Search Engine Optimization is very crucial for a successful business. As a marketer, you would want your products and services to reach your targeted audience, and there’s one sure-shot way to do that. Can you guess? Right. That’s SEO. We’ve curated a list of top 20 SEO training institutes in Ahmedabad that will make your search easier. 


What is SEO?

According to Ahrefs, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of optimizing a website or webpage to increase the quantity and quality of its traffic from a search engine’s organic results. And the best part is that it’s free. All you need is a better understanding of how Search Engines work and how you can make the most out of them to make your business succeed. In this article, we’ll present some SEO training institutes for you to choose.


Why is SEO important for a business?

With everything going digital, Search Engine Optimization can make or break your business. Take it this way. You have a business, and you want to take it digitally. Now, to reach out to your targeted customers, you have two ways. One is to market your products through Ads on different platforms, for which you will have to pay. The other way is to get organic traffic, i.e., through Search Engine Optimization. You create content that’s relevant for your brand by optimizing the content in a way that search engines recognize it. The next step is they show your content when someone searches for it. What’s better? It establishes loyalty and authority for your brand. 


How SEO knowledge benefits Content Writers?

Are you someone who loves writing and looking for a career in the same field? Creating content in any form requires a lot of creativity. Not everybody can do that. A lot of businesses now look for content writers to create relevant content around their brand. In fact, most businesses look for SEO content writers who can understand the whole ecosystem of SEO and write content that makes it rank higher on search engines. 


Remember, a pen is mightier than a Sword. If you’re a content writer, SEO knowledge would bring a lot of benefits to your business. Be it in creating a personal brand, working for a brand, or as a freelancer. SEO will help you create content in the most useful way. 


What are the career options for SEO Specialists?

SEO specialists seem to have a lot on their plate. It’s a growing market and trust us, it will stay in demand for the next decade. With so much content on the internet, businesses need people who understand this ecosystem. Some of the most popular career paths for SEO specialists are:

  1. Content Marketer
  2. SEO Manager
  3. Search Engine Marketer
  4. Business Marketer
  5. Marketing Analyst
  6. SEO Consultant
  7. Entrepreneur 


SEO Training in Ahmedabad

One of the largest cities of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is a hub to immense talent. If you’re from Ahmedabad and are looking to find a career in SEO, we’ve listed down some of the top SEO training institutes you can enrol yourself into. So, let’s dive in to find your next career destination!


Top 20 SEO Training Institutes in Ahmedabad


  • Brandveda


Brandveda’s SEO Course is the perfect place to start your SEO journey. The course offers basic to advanced knowledge of the whole SEO ecosystem and is a sure shot to success. It includes Keyword Research, On-site SEO, and much more. 


Brandveda has a name of 10+ years and is one of the best SEO training institutes in Ahmedabad. The faculty at Brandveda make sure that you don’t miss out on anything relevant, and are highly skilled. Here, you will learn about Google’s latest tools and algorithms to get a better understanding of how search engines work.


Why choose Brandveda?


  • Training by skilled faculties with 15+ years of experience
  • Interactive live sessions.
  • A practical approach to learning with 20+ industry-based projects
  • Hands-on experience with Google search console & other Google’s tools
  • Work on live projects for better understanding
  • 100% job placement assistance 100% money-back guarantee


SEO Course Syllabus offered at Brandveda?


  • Search Engine Basics
  • SEO History
  • Regression Modelling to Optimize CPA & ROI
  • Paid and Organic Traffic Ad Report
  • Google Search Basics
  • Keyword Research
  • Google Algorithms Updates
  • Basic On-page SEO Tricks
  • Google Analytics
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Link Building Activities
  • Local SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog writing
  • SEO Tools
  • SEO Audit
  • Lead Analysis
  • Content Strategy


Please visit the website here:

For more information, call- +91 8980717782 OR +91 9104238507

Email- [email protected]

Address- Sahajanand Arcade, 403, nr. Helmet Circle, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380052


  • IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education)


IIDE, one of the premier institutes in digital education in Ahmedabad, provides short-term courses (online) in SEO. The classes are self-paced, based on recent trends in the industry. Learn how to rank your websites higher in search engines. 


It provides hands-on experience with tools like Ubersuggest, Keywords Everywhere, Yoast, Moz, Google Keywords Planner, and much more to get you better at your SEO game. And the best part is you can learn all of it from the comfort of your home. The certification will add a star to your CV and set you up for your professional journey in SEO. 


Why choose IIDE?


  • Training by leading industry experts
  • Practice tests and assignments
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Video lectures available for 30 days
  • Hands-on experience with live projects and assignments


SEO Course Syllabus at IIDE


  • Laying the Groundwork for Online SEO Training
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Site Optimization
  • Google-proofing your Website
  • Google Search Console
  • Blackhat Techniques


For more information, please visit:



  • TraininginSEO


If Hindi is your comfort language, you can opt for an SEO course from TraininginSEO. They provide courses in Hindi and English so that you learn with ease. They offer certifications from Hubspot, Google Analytics, Google Adwords to make your CV stand out from the others.


The key modules include Search Engine Basics, Content Strategy, Lead Analysis, Google Analytics, and much more. They have 100+ placement partners in Ahmedabad, which makes it easier for you to land a job once you complete the course. I mean, how cool is that?


Why choose TraininginSEO?


  • 15+ years of industry-based experience
  • A practical approach to learning
  • 30% increment or job guarantee
  • Interview preparation
  • Better assistance to learning


SEO Course Syllabus offered at TraininginSEO?


  • Search Engine Basics
  • Keyword Research
  • Best On-page SEO Tricks
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Blog Writing
  • Local Places
  • Link Building
  • Content Strategy
  • Google Analytics
  • Recommended SEO Tools
  • Lead Analysis

For more information, please visit:


  • Divwy Training Institute


Divwy Training Institute in Ahmedabad provides SEO training where you can learn everything from Conversion Optimization to Keyword Research. They have more than 50 modules based on beginner to advanced level of knowledge. Their SEO training will definitely make you an SEO expert.


Why choose Divwy Training Institute?


  • Industry-specific training courses
  • Affordable 
  • 8+ years of experience
  • Placement assistance
  • Free Demo Lecture 


SEO Course Syllabus at Divwy Training Institute


Course details are not provided on the website. For more information, please visit:


  • DynaSoft


One of the leading SEO companies in Ahmedabad, DynaSoft provides the best SEO training. They have professional experts and consultants who share their hands-on knowledge during the training. With a large customer base, their technical expertise brings a lot to the table. You can opt for their professional SEO Training, and you won’t regret that later. Their SEO course is available online too.


Why choose DynaSoft?


  • Quality services
  • Best SEO Company in Ahmedabad
  • Training with latest tools and techniques
  • Professional specialists in the industry
  • Cost-effective


SEO Course Syllabus at DynaSoft


  • Web Analysis & Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Rankings in SERP
  • Optimization of ALT and TITLE Attributes
  • Internal Navigation Optimization
  • Article Writing and Marketing
  • Business Listing
  • Social Media Optimization


For more information, please visit:


  • Digiperform


Digiperform has trained over 500+ batches and is known for its digital marketing course in Ahmedabad. However, it also provides online certification in SEO Training with an aim to bridge the gap between the industry needs and your skillset. The course comes with practical knowledge about SEO tools like Hubspot, Moz, SEO Powersuite, and more.


Why choose Digiperform?


  • A practical approach to learning
  • Exposure to live tools to learn better
  • Live tasks & projects
  • Guaranteed internship
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Best industry-based hiring partners


SEO Course Syllabus at Digiperform


  • SEO Fundamentals
  • Algorithm Penalty Control
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO Audits
  • SEO Reporting
  • SEO Tools


For more information, please visit:


  • Digital Pundit 


Digital Pundit is another place where you can learn to craft your SEO skills according to industry demand. Based in Ahmedabad, it offers its SEO Course, which will help your website rank higher on search engines. The course entails local SEO to advanced SEO with new updates of the industry.


Why choose Digital Pundit?


  • 12+ years of industry experience
  • Hands-on experience with the latest tools
  • 100% job assistance
  • Basic to advanced knowledge 
  • Live projects and assignments


SEO Course Syllabus at Digital Pundit


  • Search Engine Basic Knowledge
  • Website- Domain & Subdomain
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Off-page Optimization
  • Google Webmaster Tool
  • Algorithms & Updates
  • Google Analytics
  • Local SEO
  • Advanced SEO


For more information, please visit:


  • Tops Technologies


Tops Technologies is one of the leading institutes of SEO training in Ahmedabad. They have trained over 100k students with positive results. They believe in equipping their students with advanced knowledge so that they can serve the industry better and land their desired career choice.


Why choose Tops Technologies?


  • Personalized training approach
  • Work on live projects
  • Job placement and satisfaction assistance
  • Advanced level of SEO covered
  • Soft skill development


SEO Course Syllabus at Tops Technologies


  • Digital & Online Marketing
  • Planning, Visibility, and Traffic
  • Lead Generation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Ranking Factor
  • Link Building
  • HTML Tags
  • Content Marketing
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Yoast SEO Tools
  • PageInside
  • Woorank: SEO Ranking Tool
  • Hubspot
  • Ubersuggest


For more information, please visit:


  • ARE InfoTech


With 12+ years of experience, ARE InfoTech believes that people should learn from companies instead of training institutes to get better exposure to practical learning. They have proven work clientele in both International and Indian sectors. They also represent internationally in Australia, UK, the USA, Canada, and New Zealand.


Why choose ARE InfoTech?


  • 12+ years of experience in the SEO industry
  • A practical approach to learning
  • Provide paid subscription to various SEO Tools
  • A chance to participate in their live projects


SEO Course Syllabus offered at ARE InfoTech


  • Research and Analysis
  • Google Ads and Paid Marketing
  • On-page SEO
  • Tools and Techniques


For more information, please visit:


  • WIT Solution


Started in 2008, WIT Solution has seen a lot of success in the years, becoming one of the best-rated SEO companies in India. They believe in bringing change into the industry environment, which made them achieve a lot in such short time. The best part is that they provide their services at an affordable price. 


Why choose WIT Solution?


  • Grow your business
  • Hands-on industry experience
  • Renowned SEO company in Ahmedabad
  • Offers the right solutions


SEO Course Syllabus offered at WIT Solution


  • Organic SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Page Optimization 
  • Analytics
  • Web/ Social Media Management


For more information, please visit:


  • Akash Sir


Akash Padhiyar, a professional in the field of IT, brings his expertise in the SEO industry with courses that will take your career to the next level. He has extensive knowledge of websites and technologies like WordPress, IOS, Android, etc. 


He provides all sorts of training and courses in the field of IT but is not limited to just that. His SEO Training course covers all the steps from beginner to advanced level. 


Why choose Akash Sir?


  • Training by industry experts
  • Fee Installments
  • Customize course as per your need
  • Certification included
  • Average 4.9 rating


SEO Course Syllabus at Akash Sir


Course details are not available on the website. For more information, please visit:


  • iClass Ahmedabad


iClass provides placement-guaranteed training in SEO. Their training centers have excellent infrastructure and lab facilities to speed up your learning process. They claim to have trained over 3500+ students, out of which 2700+ have been placed in good organizations. 


Why choose iClass Ahmedabad?


  • Trained faculty with 20+ years of experience
  • A practical approach to learning
  • 100% job assistance after the completion of the course
  • Resume preparation
  • Live projects and hands-on experience in the training


SEO Course Syllabus at iClass Ahmedabad


  • Overview of SEO
  • Keywords
  • Content Optimization
  • Long-Term Content Planning
  • Measuring SEO Effectiveness
  • SEO for Ecommerce
  • International SEO


For more information, please visit:


  • W3 Marketing School


W3 Marketing School in Ahmedabad comes with its extensive digital marketing training programs where you can learn all the aspects of digital marketing. They believe in 10% theory, 20% case studies, and 70% practical, which makes them a great choice if you want to gain some practical exposure in the SEO industry.


Why choose W3 Marketing School?


  • Classroom training from industry experts
  • Access to 30+ premium marketing tools
  • Live projects and Case studies
  • Availability of Backup classes
  • 100% Job assistance
  • Interview training


SEO Course Syllabus at W3 Marketing School


The course details are not available on the website. 


For more information, please visit:


  • Thanksweb


Thanksweb provides the best SEO training in Ahmedabad, where you can learn SEO skills with the SEO expert team here. The course covers the knowledge of digital marketing as well and will certainly give a boost to your career.


Why choose Thanksweb?


  • Training by the expert SEO team
  • Certification included
  • Live projects-based learning
  • Affordable fees
  • 100% job placement


SEO Course Syllabus at Thanksweb


  • SEO Basics with Optimization techniques
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Content Marketing Training (Free)


For more information, please visit:


  • Simplilearn


Simplilearn provides 360 degrees of understanding of the concepts of SEO in the digital market. Their training involves mastering every facet of SEO with in-demand industry knowledge. They cover Content Marketing and Web Analytics as skills in their Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course in Ahmedabad.


Why choose Simplilearn?


  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Advanced level SEO covered 
  • Industry-based live projects
  • Learn from the best training institute


SEO Course Syllabus at Simplilearn


  • SEO Introduction
  • Optimization hacks
  • Types of SEO
  • Duplicate Content
  • Design and Architecture
  • Algorithm Updates
  • SEO Tools
  • Advanced SEO
  • Advanced Content Marketing
  • Advanced Web Analytics


For more information, please visit:


  • Project Training Ahmedabad (Vrinsoft Training Center)


Project Training is a part of Vrinsoft Training Centre in Ahmedabad, which provides training in SEO for a period of three months. They aim to make students experts in the field of SEO, the most in-demand job industry. Established in 2001, they strive to make a difference by providing web development and software designing courses too. You can benefit from their basic SEO Course to the next step of your career. 


Why choose Project Training Ahmedabad


  • Live lectures, 1-on-1 coaching
  • Exclusive access to live projects and case studies
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Interview preparation assistance
  • Personality development assistance
  • Lifetime access to resources


SEO Course Syllabus at Project Training Ahmedabad


  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO
  • Website Analysis & Creation
  • Meta Tags Creation
  • Google Analytics
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Marketing

For more information, please visit:


  • Ncrypted Learning Center


One of the leading SEO training institutes in Rajkot, Ncrypted Learning Center, aims to provide quality training to college graduates, post-graduates, work professionals, etc. Their vision is to equip their students for a brighter career which leads to success. 


Why choose Ncrypted Learning Center?


  • Learning from industry experts
  • Personality development 
  • Focus on Soft Skills& Communication Skills
  • Job Opportunity with Ncrypted Technologies
  • Live projects


SEO Course Syllabus at Ncrypted Learning Center


  • On-page Optimization
  • Off-page Optimization
  • Search Engine Algorithms
  • Classroom to Corporate
  • Expert Sessions


For more information, please visit:


  • Vinayak InfoTech


Vinayak Infotech is an expert in the field of IT, Web Development, Web designing, SEO, and Email Marketing. Their SEO training includes factors like analyzing the website, research relevant keywords, planning the website design, and preparing the content. 


For more information, please visit:


  • RD Multimedia Institute


RD Multimedia Institute offers SEO Courses by preparing students in strategic planning and executing the marketing process. It provides 100% job placement, and if not that, you can successfully start working as a freelancer in your desired field. 


Why choose RD Multimedia Institute?


  • Government certified courses
  • Personal attention to students
  • Live projects 
  • Training by industry experts
  • 100% placement assistance after course completion


For more information, please visit:


  • Quick Xpert Infotech


Quick Xpert Infotech has the best SEO certification course in Ahmedabad with a dedicated placement team. The team helps in the placement process of the students after the course completion. Get to learn how to rank your websites higher in the search engines.


Why choose Quick Xpert Infotech?


  • Training by industry experts
  • 100% job opportunities
  • Interview preparation assistance
  • Live projects
  • Affordable fees


For more information, please visit:



Enrolling yourself in a training program from a reputed SEO institute would only benefit you. It will help you understand the basics and the advanced levels of the subject and give you a direction to lead. We hear a lot of people taking up short online courses and not getting anywhere. The reason? While short online courses might give you an introductory knowledge about the subject, they won’t make you an expert at it. We suggest you take up a training program from any of the institutes in Ahmedabad listed above.

So, there you go! You now know what SEO is and how much beneficial it is for businesses today. Now, why wait? Get on this journey and be the next SEO Specialist any company would want to work with. We hope this guide made your doubts clear or proved to be useful in some way to you. 


Top 10 SEO courses in Mumbai

Top 10 SEO courses in Mumbai

Top 10 SEO courses in Mumbai

SEO plays an enormous role in the ranking of websites, blogs, or videos on search engines. You can’t rank them until you get proper knowledge of SEO. Mumbai is a vast city jammed with a variety of institutions. Looking into this dilemma, it always becomes a challenging task to select any digital marketing institute. This post will give you some idea about the top 10 SEO courses in Mumbai with their training strategies. You could choose one institute which fits best to your requirement. Additionally, you can also type SEO classes near me to find SEO training institutes within your location.

Why should you join SEO institute?

The strategy of marketing becomes successful only if you bring more sales to your products. The same case is also applicable to blogs and trademarks. SEO is an essential factor in the ranking of your product. It can bring more genuine and targeted traffic to your website. SEO marketing skills are necessary if you don’t want to invest in paid advertisements. This is the major reason behind brands searching for SEO Consultant in India to make the process a little bit simpler as a professional is more valued in the field. Search engine marketing is the central doctrine linked to all digital courses. SEO can also help to enhance your digital portfolio for getting placements.


Is there an option for online SEO courses that have the same validation?


If you’re wondering if there are any options available to learn by staying at home, we have got you covered.  With world dynamics changing continuously, it is always possible to learn through our virtual screens. SEO courses online have a wide range of course curriculum. However, the question that arises is which course stands out amongst the rest.


Brandveda, one of the leading digital marketing institutes in Gujarat offers its students online batches. SEO courses of Brandveda are very well designed and curated. These courses are at par with the industry and have the capabilities to polish and enhance your skillset.


SEO courses of Brandveda contain an accurate amount of theoretical knowledge combined with hands-on experience. 

If you wish to learn SEO and its boundless benefits through your virtual screen then this SEO course of Brandveda must be your go-to option. 


Top 10 SEO course providing Institute in Mumbai

  1. Opteron Academy

It is one of the best seo training institute in Mumbai for providing digital marketing courses. The study pattern is based upon the current rational conflict on the web. Opteron academy offers a 45 days digital marketing course that involves SEO training modules. Students here deal with 100% real projects for learning digital courses. They give information brochures on their website to clarify the courses offered, study hours, fee structure, placements and more. Interested students can download the file to get a quick overview of the education strategy of Opteron academy.

Reasons to join the Opteron academy:-

  • Expert mentors & trainers
  • 100% practical projects
  • Latest study material
  • Placement support
  • Free revision support
  • Genuine & Positive reviews on Google


Address: Opteron Academy 216, Accord Classic, Station Rd, Goregaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400063

  1. Proideators

This Institute aims to unite the educational framework with students. Proideators deals with international projects and benefits both the students as well as the Institute. They have also featured their course online to make it easy to access from any part of India. Different branches of Proideators are available all over Mumbai to provide a comfortable experience of training in SEO courses. The main branch of seo course in thane, has a team of experienced professionals from IIM and IIT. The Institute offers more than 31 modules, which have approx 175 trending topics related to SEO. Their institute offers one of the top 10 seo course in mumbai

Reason to join:-

  • Both classroom and online training programs
  • Get Job in 2 months
  • Query support for one year
  • Sharpen your skill with new strategies
  • Free to choose any courses


Address: Pitru Chhaya CHS Ltd, Office no 7, 2nd Floor, R. S. Road, Chandani, Near Datta Mandir, Behind Ashok Talkies, Thane West, Maharashtra – 400601

  1. CRBTech

The best aspect of CRBTech is that it provides 100% placement to students. They have experience in providing education related to IT department for the last 15 years. The moto of CRBtech is to nurture, train, and promote the students. Both online and offline courses are offered to provide value from any part of India. Students can avail lessons from the same day, by making payment for admission from the website. All the details regarding the seo training course fees are mentioned on their official website. Being a professional institute, it has tied up with foreign digital marketing companies so that they can offer overseas job placements.

More reasons to join:

  • LMS- Online Learning
  •  Online tests and exams
  •  Expert faculties from top agencies
  •  Advance curriculum according to latest trends
  •  Query support for one year
  • Free demo classes


Address: CRB Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd – Service Provider of IT Placement Program Service, Navi Mumbai

  1. Learning Catalyst

Learning Catalyst provides a one-stop digital marketing solution including SEO, SMM & programming courses. Students are given regular tasks to gain practical experience. They offer one week of free access to limited study materials so that you can understand the learning objectives. After the completion of the course, students can enroll for jobs in the best SEO company in India. The Institute also publishes articles and blogs for the learners to keep them updated about the digital marketing industry

Reasons to join a learning catalyst:

  • Fast learning experience 
  • Free demo classes
  • Separate doubt clearing classes
  • Free access to resources
  • Daily case studies
  • Regular quiz classes related to subjects


Address: Sun Vision Classic building B-Wing 401 (4th Floor) Opposite Kotak Mahindra bank, Hanuman Rd, Vile Parle East, Mumbai

  1. The Brand Salon

The Brand Salon is famous by the name of TBS. It has been eight years since the Institute is providing digital marketing courses. They have trained more than 15000 candidates with more than a hundred expert faculties. The Institute offers approx 95% placements every year in top SEO agency in India. They provide a free library with training programs for students in extra classes. Interested candidates can get the list of students placed, including the data of top faculties members who are providing SEO courses for the last ten years from the institute


Address: Office No: 15, Hind Services Industrial Premises Co-operative Society Ltd., Chandrakant Dhuru Vadi, Off SVS Road, Opposite Chaitya Bhoomi, Shivaji Park, Dadar (West), Mumbai

  1. Operating Media

It is amongst the premium institute to provide SEO training programs. They offer digital marketing course in borivali. Operating Media has a separate fee structure for different courses. The Institute also offers a combo offer for taking more than two courses. The prices of all the courses related to SEO are mentioned on their official website. Students can also pay fees with EMI in more than three segments. Students can request a callback from the institution by filling in their name and phone number on their website. The Institute sends experienced students as faculties to sharpen their digital skills.

Reason to join:

  • Regular seminars for concept clarity
  •  ISO certified institute
  • Small batch size for personalized attention
  • Both web and android portal to take classes
  • Post-training programs
  • Arrangements of interviews 
  • Security to prepared projects


Address: B-3, Vardhaman Darshan, Jambi Galli, Near Jain Temple, Borivali (W), Mumbai – 400092

  1. Compufield

Compufield is the oldest computer training course provider in Mumbai but, they started offering digital marketing because of its popularity. Students can also learn SEO courses after joining Compufield. It provides internship in SEO courses to make the student assimilate the concept in more depth. It can be the best Institute for kids as they offer separate classes ranging from the age group of 6 years – 16 years. The Institute is open to all age groups for digital marketing and computer lessons. It doesn’t provide monthly and yearly based study programs. Instead, they charge based on class sessions and acquired skills. Students can’t jump up for the next sessions until they are certified with any one project. They offer SEO certification training in mumbai including projects and assignments.

Reasons to join here:

  • Regular assignments and projects 
  • Well Furnished classrooms 
  • Additional courses for computer operation 
  • More than 21 modules for SEO courses


Address: Office No R- 26, 1st Floor, RNA Complex Lokhandwala, 3rd Cross Lane, Next to High Point Restaurant, Andheri (West), Mumbai

  1. MediaPasta

MediaPasta is well known for providing SEO courses. They also have a branch for providing SEO Course in India (Ahmedabad). It teaches advanced ranking strategies to bring more sales. For many years they are managing the SEO services of different companies. The seo course fees are kept affordable to make it available to maximum students. All the details of their clients are available on their website. They have more than 20 full-time employees for the management of digital services. They have seven years of experience in providing teaching programs to the students. The Institute claims to focus more on the real and practical modules, rather than on the theory sections. Actual hand based training is given to educate them about the proper workflow of SEO.

Reason to join:

  • Promote your projects
  •  Services at affordable pricing
  •  Weekly reports of works 
  •  High retention rate from client
  •  Build a strong portfolio
  •  SEO & Digital marketing expert


Address: 511, Manish Chambers, Sonawala Road, Goregaon East Mumbai

  1. India’s Premier Institute for digital education

This Institute is also known as IIDE. They work to make their students a high yield digital marketer. It offers live training sessions for SEO courses by highly skilled industry experts. Advance certification in SEO, SMM, and website development is provided after taking proper tests. Regular celebrations take place after the end of each batch. They give rewards to students to develop a comparative environment and keep them motivated. Interested candidates can check out the list of all placement partners on their official website. It also has an option of seo course in mumbai fees to get the pricing details related to the course. Their website also has a live chat and instant call support for any inquiry. In online programs, they provide separate video courses to students.

Reason to join:

  • Post-graduation courses
  • Online course and certification
  • Competition among students
  • Regular training program sessions
  • Placement according to skills
  • Collaboration with digital agencies


Address: Ground Floor, Jai Hind College, A Road, Churchgate, Mumbai


DMTI was established in 2009, and till now, it is amongst the leading Institute to offer digital marketing courses in Andheri, including SEO training. They have premium facilities for the students to provide training in SEO courses. It claims to have more than five labs with approx 100 laptops. Students don’t have to compromise with the internet speed and lack of faculties. They have trained more than 10,000 students and got certified as the best digital marketing institute. The new batch admission dates and courses are updated on the website regularly. The time of taking admission is minimal as the number of intake of students is much higher.

Reason to join:

  • Good client reviews on Google
  • Instant access to study materials
  •  Get Google certification 
  •  80% of practical courses
  •  Create an independent campaign
  •  Skill mastery guide
  •  Expert teaching professionals


Address: PEARL PLAZA, 7th Floor, Office No.704, Just OUTSIDE ANDHERI WEST STATION – NEXT TO new MCDONALD. ONLY 1 Min. Walk from Andheri (W) Station, Mumbai- 400058


SEO training has a lot of applications in digital marketing. Almost all small to big online brands need SEO executives and analysts to maintain their sales. In such cases, finding and taking admission in the right academy is a tough decision. However, the above list of top 10 seo courses in Mumbai has given you a fair idea about which academy to join based upon your skill and requirement.


Top 10 SEO course in Chennai

Top 10 SEO course in Chennai

Top 10 SEO course in Chennai

The application of SEO skills is very vast in digital marketing. Every day digital marketers are applying some new methods to rank their website and bring sales on the products. In such a condition, choosing a good institute to learn SEO courses is mandatory to compete in the market. An educational institute has a lot of experience in working with digital agencies. However, the problem starts when you get confused between enrolling in the institutes, especially in megacities like Chennai. This post will look upon the top 10 SEO course in Chennai that will help you in deciding an institute based on your requirement.

Why should you learn SEO in Chennai?

Every professional bloggers or brand is now in search of a SEO analyst for ranking their website. In fact, in affiliate marketing, SEO plays a significant role in bringing organic sales. Everyone cannot afford to invest in paid ads for a long time. Therefore, learning search engine marketing is required. The demand for SEO Consultant in India is also getting higher as brands need to stand out on the internet. So, it can be a way for skill holders to generate passive online income by devoting their daily hours. Chennai is amongst the most developed cities and full of digital marketing companies. A single search for seo classes near me can’t give an accurate result on Google. Understanding about digital marketing course in Chennai will help you to learn about the current competition trends and connections for getting a suitable placement.


SEO courses help you attain numerous skills.  However, what also matter is the right course. The right course curriculum will push your skills and you’ll open the door of glorious opportunities. If you’re someone who prefers the online mode of education, you can always look for digital marketing courses in other states as well.


Brandveda, one of the top digital marketing institutes of Gujarat offers top-notch SEO courses. The head trainer and founder, Mr. Saurabh Pandey holds 15+ years of experience. The curriculum is designed to let students get practical exposure to technical knowledge. It’s one of the rare institutes that teach Taboola Ads. 

Choosing the right course at the right time matters above all. Take your time and make your decision. 

List of the top 10 SEO course in Chennai

  1. Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies is amongst the leading IT training sectors in Chennai. It offers various courses, and SEO Besant training is one of them. The training programs comprise of practical and live examples of current SEO strategies. The students are given separate projects to rank different websites using the techniques learned from the institute. It has grabbed good reviews from its scholars in a short duration of time. They keep coordination among students by involving them in regular teamwork. Job seekers from MNC visit the institute to motivate students for the respective lessons.

Reason to join:

  • Latest technological resources
  •  Separate doubt clearing sessions
  •  Disciplined timetable
  • SEO analytical training
  •  Access to free live videos
  •  Access to multiple courses


Address: No.8, 11th Main road, Vijaya Nagar, Velachery, Chennai – 600 042, Tamil Nadu, India

  1. Meta forum Technologies

It is the fastest growing IT training program centers with affordable SEO Course fees. It offers digital marketing courses, which also includes SEO training course. It is located in Vadapalani, Chennai, which is the central area of the city. The systems are updated regularly, looking into the new strategies on the web. Top-level experts revise the course to enrich the students with innovative skills. They collaborate with top SEO agency in India to provide live projects to the students. Students taking SEO programs from this institute have got placed in the best SEO Company in India for jobs according to their level of knowledge.

Reason to join:

  • Recordings of all the classes for future reference
  •  Small-size batches with flexible timing
  •  Affordable pricing of courses
  •  Both online and classroom training programs
  •  Regular test related to the enrolled course
  •  Free demo classes from trainers
  •  Proof of completed concepts


Address: 164,6th Street, Kumaran Colony, Vadapalani, Near Vadapalani bus depot, Chennai – 600 026

  1. Web D School

They claim themselves as the best institute in Chennai because of educating the most advanced courses. It offers seven types of digital training programs, and SEO marketing is one of them. They are very open to the audience in sharing their performance data. The institute has a full report about job opportunities, infrastructure, courses, and price detail on its website. In the library section, students can also watch the video related to the offered assignment. They also have a YouTube Channel where they upload all the brief information related to the courses. It allows students to work in the computer lab as long as they can. They have a list of all the companies where the student has got the placements.

Reason to join:

  • Free Library access
  •  Combo courses with SEO
  •  Live interactive sessions
  •  Free internship program
  •  Doubt clearing classes every week
  •  Limited learning objectives
  •  The excellent track record for placement


Address: Web D School D25 (Basement), Doshi Gardens, Vadapalani (Opp Bus Terminus), Chennai 600 026.

  1. FITA (Focus’d IT Academy)

It is the best institute for studying digital marketing as well as SEO courses. IT veterans are managing FITA for more than a decade. The institute knows well about the demands of current trends. IT veterans operate the placement sector also, which includes leading MNC digital companies. They offer chances to students for facing interviews with the job managers. Several branches of their institute are also available in places like Coimbatore, Madurai and Banglore. It also has a branch that offers SEO Course in India (Ahmedabad). They have seo training center to provide education to their students. Till now, they have trained more than 20,000 students and provided more than 80% of placement in the small and large digital sectors. They had tie-ups with more than 600 companies. So, it’s a massive platform for students to get skills related to SEO and digital services.

Reason to join:

  • Managed by IT veterans
  •  Foreign Job placement
  •  Collaboration with MNC
  •  Comfortable transport facility to the institute
  •  New SEO strategies
  •  Training from top professionals
  •  Live project managing skills


Address: No 27, Nehru Nagar, Kadaperi, GST Road, West Tambaram, Chennai – 600045 Tamil Nadu Opposite to Saravana Jewellers Near MEPZ

  1. Infinix

Infinix is an institute which offers a wonderful experience. They had been at the top for the last eight years in providing digital marketing courses. SEO training courses are also available in the institute to grab the latest strategy of ranking websites on Google. Till now, they have completed more than 1500 projects with international companies. They teach the guaranteed technique of delivering SEO recipes. The institute also handles tasks in bulk. They provide outstanding ROI as per the digital marketing budget. The influx offers a unique environment for education. It analyzes the competition in the market and finds new techniques to grab the attention of the audience.

Reason to join:

  • Good infrastructure
  • Advanced training and SEO guides
  •  Placement in top digital agencies
  •  Free demo classes for interested student
  • Brand development
  •  High conversion rate
  •  Maximum Engagement of stakeholder 
  •  High ROI from campaigns


Address: 37F, Velachery Main Rd, Near To Adyar Anandha Bhavan, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600042

  1. Digital Academy 360

This academy has spent ten years working on projects in the industry. It has a team of highly skilled professionals who have trained more than 20,000 students. The institute, therefore, has a strong connection with many digital marketing agencies. Students learning digital or seo practical training courses under the institute can expect to get a good placement. They offer more than 25 digital courses, including programming, app development, coding and more. Most of their alumni are working with companies like Amazon, Google and Yahoo. You can therefore expect a systematic learning program from the Digital Academy 360.

Reason to join:

  • More than ten years of excellence
  •  Expert trainers from top brands
  • 100% Placement
  • Regular training podcast
  •  Contest between students
  •  More focused practical examination


Address: 41st Cross, 22nd Main Rd, Jayanagar 9th Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560069

  1. Zuan Education:

Zuan Education offers the top digital marketing course in Chennai. It offers multiple courses with a separate syllabus. The seo training course fees is set to RS 15,999 including the digital marketing course as well. It offers both classroom and online-based teaching at a scheduled time. Custom modules and live training projects are also available to provide a high skill to the students. The institute has more than 20 top-level freelancers that provide the students with live projects for skill development. They have spent around four years to an established level. The seo certification training consists of the involvement of more than 15 modules. Their website highlights courses separately in red color so that the students understand the seat vacancy.

Reason to join:

  • Separate teaching guides for market & business courses
  •  Both online and offline method of teaching
  •  Real-time learning sessions
  •  Industry ready professors available 
  •  Request for free demo classes
  •  Custom modules and online training


Address: New No. 61, 2nd Floor, Arcot Road Kodambakkam, Chennai (Opp: Chennai Mobiles Showroom)

  1. I 7 Academy

The institute is under the control of SRIWEBO. With digital marketing and SEO courses, it provides web solutions for agencies as well. It meets the client’s requirements by providing quality services. The institute is running since 2006, but now it is also providing many digital marketing courses like SMM, SEO and more. The career opportunity is prevalent. They invite working experts in their institute to enrich the students with the latest trend of digital marketing. Students are trained with live programs to develop the skill of project management. After gaining experience, students were also given paid projects that helped them make money. A proper setup related to SEO like website, hosting plans and tools is offered for customized learning. 

Reason to join:

  • Live practical batches for fun learning
  • Experienced client and faculties from industries
  • Deal with international projects
  • Good career opportunity because of multiple placements
  • Well equipped labs and working environment


Address: 102, Ganapathy Illam, A.K Nagar, near ‘S’ bend, NSR Road, Saibaba Colony, Chennai

  1. Digital Marketing Courses (DMC)

The institute focuses both on providing training as well as research to the students. It is the most innovative institute for students to build new digital skills. They provide SEO course under digital marketing. The duration of the time is about 45 days. They guarantee to provide the mastery to generate leads and sales for your business after taking their program. It prepares students for the most demanding courses like SEO, Adwords, SMM and content marketing. In the end, they provide a digital marketing certificate as per the chosen term. Students have to devote more than 90 hours to develop the skill in any of the techniques. They are in regular contact with the top agencies for job opportunities for their students. The institute also provides placement in just a few months after training.

Reason to join:

  • Every student will get the digital marketing training certificate
  •  Give an idea about both fundamental and advanced topics
  •  Research on new marketing strategies
  •  Pay per click training
  • 100% job placement and assistance


Address: New No. 61, Old No. 36, 2nd Floor, Arcot Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai – 600024

  1. SEO Job Training

It provides highly specified courses for SEO. They offer simple to advanced SEO courses as per the current competition among the website. They have experience in providing training to more than 250 batches. They carry out backup and revision sessions to brush up on the practical concepts of learning. The Alumni group has a strong connection will famous digital agencies for providing jobs to the students. Interested students can request an e-book from the website to get all the information about their teaching schedules, syllabus, faculties, and placement information. The institute also gives discounts on courses during festive occasions. 

Reason to join:

  • Highly specific for SEO course
  • Discounts on fees
  • Live chat and call support
  • Certificate after completing the course
  • Work with live projects
  • Placement in the right digital sector


Address: New No.61, Old No.36, 2nd Floor, Arcot Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai – 600 024, Near Meenakshi College Bus Stop



Digital marketing is getting more diversified because of high competition. New and working SEO strategies are therefore required to rank in the search engines. The above top 10 SEO course in Chennai can help you to grab those skills. After getting trained by experienced faculties, students can apply their innovation of achieving great things in the digital world.

Top 10 SEO Courses in India

Top 10 SEO Courses in India

Top 10 SEO Courses in India

SEO is the most important module of a Digital Marketing course. If you want to make your career in the digital marketing industry, it is extremely important for you to enroll in one of the top SEO courses in India. 

SEO Syllabus – 

A lot of institutions don’t cover the overall SEO course syllabus. Some of them cover the basics while others cover the advanced SEO module. The complete SEO course has a lot of topics to cover. Before going to the best institutions for SEO training, let us first find out what is there in the whole SEO syllabus.

Some of the Basic SEO modules are – 

  • What is SEO about?
  • Evolution of SEO and its History
  • The significant SEO Algorithm Updates were given by Google
  • Topics for On-Page Optimisation
  • The basics of Google Search Console 
  • Google Analytics
  • Bing Optimisation
  • Practical classes in live CMS Websites
  • HTML Pages and Practical Training on the topic
  • Practical training in On-Page and PHP Pages
  • Website Tools, Analysis, Documentation, and Audit
  • A detailed class covering Search Console
  • A class on Local SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Recovery Tools
  • Conversation Optimisation

On the other hand, the advanced SEO course syllabus is – 

  • Analysis of Website – 
    • Website Analysis
    • Keyword Research
    • Keyword Finalising
    • SEO Competition Analysis
    • Analysis of SEO optimization strategy
    • Analysis of Initial Ranking
  • On-Page SEO – 
    • Content Organisation
    • Website Structure Optimisation
    • HTML Code Optimisation
    • HTML Sitemap Creation
    • Image Optimisation
    • Creation and Optimisation of Meta tag
    • WebMaster Tools
    • Analytics Setup and Monitoring
    • Optimization of Robots.txt
    • Generation of RSS Feed
  • Off-Page SEO – 
    • Reputation Building
    • Google Base Optimisation
    • Book Marking
    • SEO Content Writing
    • Quality Link Building
    • Article Submission
    • Press Release Creation
    • Blog Commenting
    • Forum Posting
  • Reputation Building – 
    • Trust Building
    • Authority Building 
    • Relationship Building
    • Mentions
    • Tagging
    • Profile building
    • Profile Optimisation
  • Conversion Optimisation – 
    • Conversion Cleaning
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Conversion Analysis
    • Conversion Building
    • ROI Conversion Optimisation
    • CTR Improvement tactics
  • SEO Tools Training – 
    • Analytics
    • Webmasters Tools
    • Keyword Planner
    • SEO Marketing Tools
    • Trend Analysis Tools
    • Website Analysis Tools
    • Related Keyword Related Tools
  • Advanced SEO Sessions – 
    • Open Graph Optimisation
    • Canonical
    • Scheme Mark up
    • Data Highlighter
    • Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)
    • Rich Snippets

This is the complete syllabus which is followed in most of the free online digital marketing courses in India. If you want to become an SEO expert, you have to learn all of these modules

Why You Need to Learn SEO?

SEO is extremely important for the development of the visibility of a website. Therefore, clearly, SEO plays a key part in improving the visibility of your business digitally. Stated below, are twelve reasons to understand why you need to learn SEO to get a job in the digital marketing industry.

  • With the help of SEO, you will be able to stand out. With the right SEO skills, you will be way ahead of your opponents.
  • Learning SEO also enables you to keep an account of your budget. You won’t have to pay anyone else to set up your account and you will be able to look after it yourself.
  • With proper SEO, your website will not only have more visibility but more sales too.
  • Learning SEO allows you to get a good understanding of how you want to present yourself online. This means that it will directly impact on the impression you give to your clients. In this way, you earn your own online presence.
  • When you have understandings of the principles of SEO, you will be better equipped to handle your business. You will be able to handle the challenges with more resilience and it will serve you well. 
  • SEO can also work as your growth tool.

Top 10 SEO Courses in India – 


  • Brandveda in Ahmedabad – 

Brandveda is a company which provides the best SEO course in Ahmedabad. The institute is extremely famous for the digital marketing courses it offers.  Their course is suitable for students, marketers, entrepreneurs and professionals. This institution produces some of the best SEO courses and thus attracts a lot of people to it. 

A few of the main features of this institution are that the classes are highly interactive and the faculty here has more than 15 years of experience. This institution has a very practical approach to e-Commerce courses. They work on more than 20 live projects in the industry to get proper experience. During these courses, the students can also use some of the professional tools and apps to gain experience. Brandveda provides their students with the premium SEO tools so that they can get the proper experience. You can also get a lot of certificates after finishing this course. On finishing this Google SEO course in Ahmedabad, you can get several jobs as a SEO specialist, SEM manager, Content Manager and also Digital Marketing Manager. 


  • Expert SEO Training Institute in Delhi – 

The Expert Training Institute located in Delhi offers SEO training courses. The institution was set up in the year 2012. It is a full-fledged training institute. All the faculties are professionals of the field who and are bothered about the well-being of their students. They offer premium as well as basic courses. The techniques they teach here help the students to grow their business with proper guidance.

 They are one of the most reliable training institutes in Delhi. The SEO training course fee here is also affordable. The courses come with complete placement support and also a promised 3 months internship. They have flexible batches to ensure complete support to the students. This institution has a very in-depth understanding of the field of SEO. They use this advantage of theirs and offer the best kind of guidance to those who come to them. They train students, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and anyone who is interested in knowing about SEO. 

  • Address – 178, 1st flr, Commercial Wing, Jai Apartment, Sector-9, Rohini, New Delhi-110085


  • Compufied Computer Institute in Mumbai – 

The Compufield Computer institute in Mumbai is famous for their SEO course duration and fees. Compufied prepares their students for a job in the digital marketing industry in just 3 months. The institution has more than two hundred positive Google reviews. A lot of students from this institute have successfully established themselves in the industry. For the better time management of the students, Compufield offers numerous batch timings. On finishing the course here, you can also get more than 7 certificates which are all recognised globally. The course here can also be adjusted to suit the requirements of any individual. The students here get an opportunity to work on the live projects so that they gain as much experience as they can. 

  • Address – Sheela Apartments, Chinoy Mansion Building, 1st Floor, Block no 2,Opp Saint Stephens Church, Bhulabhai Desai Marg, Kemps Corner, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400036


  • Focus’d IT Academy in Chennai – 

The Focus’d IT Academy, also known as FITA in Chennai. It is a training centre with their main focus on the computer language and IT. They provide complete training courses to their students along with placement services for the newcomers. The faculty of FITA consists of experienced people in the industry. These members have more than 15 years of experience and are responsible for administering the institution.

 The classes are also flexible to suit the need of the students. They only have five to six students in every batch. More than twenty thousand students have gained their digital marketing courses from here. Also, more than six hundred companies have placement ties with FITA, making it easy for the students to get internships.

  • Address – 37F Velachery Main Road, Velachery, Next to Adyar Ananda Bhavan,           Chennai – 600042, Tamil Nadu


  • Digital Vidya in Kolkata – 

The Digital Vidya SEO Course is famous all over Asia. It is the leading professional training institution in India and provides the best SEO course in India. With the help of Digital Vidya, a lot of people have gained the new-age knowledge and skills to become SEO experts.

 Digital Vidya was established in the year 2009 and since then, it has achieved a lot. From the very beginning, this institution has conducted more than three thousand and eight hundred batches. Famous brands like Nokia, eBay, Google, Start TV, Reliance, MakeMyTrip, Cisco, SAP, Naukri, Toyota, Citibank, Intel, Madison & CII, CNBC and ITC have tie-ups with them. Digital Vidya is also the training partner of Microsoft India, Google, Facebook, NASSCOM, and LinkedIn. This best SEO training Institute in India prepares the students for a job or business.

  • Address – Surasree Apartment, 3rd Floor, CL 4 – Indira Pally, Jyangra Ghosh Para, Kolkata, West Bengal 700059


  • Inventateq in Bangalore – 

Inventateq is a training institute in Bangalore which offers one of the top SEO course in India. It is an online marketing technology company. Inventateq provides jobs as well as training for all the marketing courses. It falls among the top SEO Agency in India and offers computer training ranging from the beginner level to that of IT professionals. 

The students studying here will be properly prepared so that they can have a good idea about the work they are doing. They deliver the advanced concepts in a very easy way. The institution works in order to earn the trust of their students, create values, and gives them good results. Their main aim is to empower people and exceed their own expectations. The two simple rules that Inventateq follows is that there will be no more than eight students in each class and there will be a computer station for each student. This gives every student the chance to learn and grow.

  • Address – No. 687, 1st Floor, 29th Main Road, BTM Layout 2nd Stage, BTM Lake Road, Coming from Silkboard then take left at AXA company signal, opp to OI Play school,Bangalore – 76.


  1. Digital Trainee in Pune – 

Digital Trainee, in Pune, is another one in the list of the top 10 SEO course in India. It is the first one to provide practical training in Digital Marketing in the whole of India. Starting from 2016, it has risen to be one of the best SEO course online India. Their practical courses are very intense and help in preparing an individual for the industry. 

These SEO modules are easy to learn. They work to lessen the gap between theory and practical as both of these are required for the individual to work in the industry. They usually only train the students on digital marketing and SEO. However, there are also some other courses that they provide and one of them is designing training.

  • Address – 2nd Floor, office No 203, 204, Siddharth Hall Near Ranka Jewellers, Behind HP Petrol Pump, Karve Rd, opp. to Mahesh Bank, Erandwane, Pune, Maharashtra 411004


  1. DigitalKal in Gwalior – 

In Gwalior, the most well-known SEO training institute is DigitalKal. It is located close to the old high court. There are a lot of unique features of this training institution. They allow the students to have a free demo session first. If they want to continue, they are then trained on all the modules that the experts have designed. Daily assignments and interactive lessons are there to keep them involved in their work. There are 25 trainers here and all of them have more than 11 years of experience. 

On attending the full course, the students get a completion certificate. The students are given a guarantee of 100 per cent placement assistance as well. DigitalKal has the fastest growing network when you consider the digital marketing training industry. The study material they provide is also available to the students for a lifetime. The SEO course fees here are also quite affordable, giving it another plus point. The classrooms are fully air-conditioned and in each classroom, there can be a total of 25 people.

  • Address – Surya Tower, 2nd Floor, Near, Old High Ct Rd, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474009


  • Digital Gurukul in Indore – 

In Indore, Digital Gurukul is amongst the best online training institutes. They provide the best SEO skills training to their students. SEO course eligibility is not that harsh, as everyone who has graduated their high-school can do this course. You can also start this course as a student. The course duration is of one month. There are regular batches available so that the students can choose their batches based on their own availability. 

They get a certificate of completion after they have finished. Also, after the completion of the course, Digital Gurukul provides them a hundred percent job assistance. The trainers here have more than ten years of experience. There are only a limited number of seats in each batch. This is made in such a way so that every student can get the personalised attention that they need. 

  • Address – FH-229, Scheme No.54, Near Hotel Marriott, Opp Softvision College, Vijay Nagar, Indore (MP) 452010


  • IWT Training Institute in Gurugram – 

IWT training institute offers one of the top 10 SEO courses in India. They not only provide training in all things related to digital marketing, but they also provide basic computer training. The SEO training course fee here is also affordable, making it available to everyone. These courses are easy and they bring the best trainers for the benefit of their students.

The institute offers SEO courses with advanced and basic training modules. It is a great institute and its teaching style is really effective.

  • Address – Plot No. D-17, Basement, South City-2Sector-49, Gurgaon, Haryana 122018 IN


SEO career and scope in India is very wide. With the help of proper guidance, building a career in SEO in India should not be very hard. Apart from these, few institutions which are considered among the best, there are also several other institutes, some of which also provide free SEO courses

A lot of businesses are looking for good SEO professionals as that can help them to increase the visibility and add on to their sales as well. It is one industry where the demand does not meet the supply. Thus, if you are looking for a career change, then enrolling for a good SEO course will definitely help you. At the same time, if you are a student, then starting your career as a SEO professional can do wonders for you. There are a lot of top SEO courses in India and so, you must enrol in one of them.


Building a Career in SEO: Improving Your SEO Skills


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the traffic to a website by ensuring that the website is more visible to website users. It mainly deals with the improvement of the unpaid results also referred to as the organic or natural results.

To optimize a website for the search engines, one can use a variety of techniques ranging from editing content to accommodate some frequently searched keywords or key-phrases, using backlinks and using cross-linking within the website pages. These techniques are all geared towards ensuring that the website ranks well in the search engine results page (SERP).

To optimize a website for a specific search engine, one must research to know those search engines that are frequently used by the target audience to search the internet. 

SEO is normally used as a marketing strategy by businesses since the more the traffic a website gets, the higher the number of customers.

How Voice Search is Affecting SEO

The ease of the availability of the internet across the world has increased the use of handheld devices. Today most of the handheld devices ranging from mobile devices to tablets have a means of connecting to the internet. Better still the companies that manufacture these devices are in completion as to who shall offer the best mode of internet connection; 3G, 4G, and even 5G.

With the evolution of technology, most handheld devices have voice recognition capabilities and users are increasingly using voice search to browse the internet. The devices have several voice assistance apps like Alexa, Google Home, and others.

Among the search engines, Google has been frequently improving its search engine algorithm through frequent updates. It is one of the leading search engines in machine learning and artificial intelligence. It has majored on Natural language processing (NLP) based algorithmic updates

Therefore, those websites that are more optimized for the natural queries that their target audience would ask when doing other chores find themselves in a better place. Mostly, when the target audience is probably driving, cooking or doing household chores, they would most likely opt to use a voice search rather than stopping what they are doing to type in the search on the web browsers.

Also, Google trends have changed greatly. For instance, people are using questions to search the internet and especially during this time that the world is fighting the COVID-19 epidemic.

To optimize your website or blog around this time when most of the people around the world are working from home, one should use queries with terms related to working from home. For example, how can I cut hair from home, how can I earn money from home, etc. also at such times, it would be wise not to monetize issues. On the contrary, you should try and build a long term relationship by showing sympathy so that the visitors can fall in love with your content.

Future of Using Link Building as a SEO Technique

In addition to artificial intelligence, NLP and machine learning in the search engine algorithms, you have to understand that the internet is full of content. Therefore, you have to get an authority to rank on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP). 

To gain authority, you could use backlinks from sources that are already highly ranked on the search engines. By using backlinks, the people visiting those highly ranked websites/sources, would also click on the backlinks and end up on your website also.

Therefore, as long as there are search engines, backlinking will continue to be an integral part of search engine optimization in 2020 and beyond.

Myths About Link Building

There is a myth that goes around stating that you cannot buy links.

Another myth also says that Google cannot track your content if you buy links. However, all these are just myths. There are very many use cases of people who have succeeded by paying some extra bucks to have articles bearing backlinks to their websites.

What happens is that to get a backlink from a certain highly ranked website, you hire a guest post writer who writes a 500, 100 or whichever number of words of content relevant to the website where you want to guest post. The article should have links that link back to your website. However, the links should be placed on anchor texts that naturally appear in the text.

Then, you approach the owners or admins of that specific website and ask them to post the article on their website. If they find the article interesting and worthy to publish on their website, they could go ahead and publish the article. However, most of the websites also ask for a small fee to publish the articles since they include backlinks to your website.

Skills That Those Pursuing a Career in SEO Should Learn

To excel in SEO, there are a number of soft skills that you should learn.

The first skill that you should learn is email communication. Just by working on the settings of our email accounts, we can greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of communication via email. Email communication is very important when it comes to getting in touch with various marketers and other people who would be interested in your services/products.

However, to excellently communicate via email, you have to work on your English communication skills.

The other skill that you should learn is the use of Excel. SEO requires great skills in either Google sheets or excel. There are lots of excel courses available online and it should take very little time to learn. Excel helps you in organizing, managing, and churning data, which are all very important in SEO.

Though email communication and excel are sufficient for SEO, it could also be great to learn how to use Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These applications help in analyzing data. And to do so, you shall also be required to learn a bit of coding language where you could choose to use Python.

With these skills, you will be sure to stand out among many people and you can get yourself a decent SEO job out there. There are lots of SEO jobs that have decent salaries.


As you can see, even in times of pandemic, the digital world and SEO continues to move and evolve. That is why we cannot keep still, but look for new ways to position ourselves online either through content optimized for voice search, showing some empathy in our blog posts or by deepening our SEO skills, there is always space for improvement and innovation.


An Interview with SEO Expert Parth Suba was tremendously worthy.

What amazing insight they have shared related to SEO which we guess we all must know and implement for your business.

To reach them, click the links below…

Podcast –

YouTube –

SEO: AI Guide of evaluation

SEO: AI Guide of evaluation

Optimization of search engines is not a best-suited field for advertisers who like continuity and stability. The technologies are constantly changing, you never really know what the outcome of even the smallest implementation will bring, and the behavior of customer search and interaction is evolving further. In order to remain at the top of the industry among the best SEO marketing company, we must all learn to better understand. The digital landscape of today is indexed by forged robots to understand how people think-from expectation to intention to satisfaction. In a world where the attention span of internet users is shorter than that of a goldfish, adapting  the newest methods of enhancing the website is essential.

Machine Learning and Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is a concept which weaves all forms of online marketing including content marketing, video marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and other digital formats. As technology has progressed in recent years, the adoption of modern buzzwords such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Machine Learning has been embraced fruitfully. 
You have probably noticed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning have reached almost every domain to improve work efficiency and minimize errors, and errors have no exception in the marketing and advertising world. Although, the technology has not yet been leveraged to its full potential, but it has made a significant difference in people’s lives, which has made it a lot easier than ever.
AI has made it easier for people to carry out their tasks with ease without spending extra time, from virtual assistants to autonomous vehicles. While countless possibilities are yet to be explored, AI is becoming a formidable resource for the digital marketing industry. Given below are few aspects where AI for SEO is harnessing the Google market trends. 

Simpler Predictive Advertising 
Past marketers used to do a lot of market research before any campaign was introduced. With AI on board, marketers do not need to think about difficult marketing decisions, because AI can discover the most affecting information by understanding consumer behavior and operation.

The Art of Predictive Consumer Behavior 
Most companies use AI, not only to better understand past customer behaviors, but also to take the experience and use it to improve future ones as well. If you can predict someone’s actions based on things they’ve done or shown interest in the past, you can also usually predict what they’re going to do in the future. It offers advertisers the ability to exclude those individuals unlikely to convert easily, thereby allowing them to concentrate all their energy on those profiles that reflect leads of higher quality.

Why Brands are Suddenly Noticing Empathy
The emergence of AI, has lead empathy to take the front seat for brands to build consumer personages that can help inform more successful targeting. Nonetheless, when it comes to marketing, it means asking what consumers actually want, rather than what they can offer. And by creating content that evokes empathy, consumers are more likely to take action–to share, react and even encourage change within their own communities. 
According to Google, it is misjudged the presumption that, in particular, millennials are self-titled or self-obsessed (and therefore likely to respond to the content that lends this. YouTube stats show that, last year, 70 percent of millennial users watched YouTube learning how to do something different. Elsewhere, 39% of millennials believe that an online video has helped change their outlook, and 45% of users agree that a YouTuber has encouraged them to make a personal change in their lives. 
This shows that consumers today are not only interested in content that is passively consumed. Instead, they actively seek content that prompts them to change for a better lifestyle, both within themselves and/or around them in the world.

Empathy The AI Need of the Hour
Empathy is an important part of our lives. This leads to cooperation and partnership, transcending societies, social behaviors and well-being. “Humans are social beings according to Banissy. If you really want to think about developing technology like AI, then I think it’s crucial to include empathy to some extent. An AI system with empathy capabilities could provide more realistic experiences, while making judgments that take into account our mood or feelings. “Depending on the type of information that you want technology to communicate, how you want individuals to respond to it, or how you expect that they will react to it, you’re going to have to consider their current state,” Edgar says. “In a way, their emotional state will give you some hints as to how they will likely react.”
One example of that is voice assistants. The way in which they provide information might be modulated to respond appropriately to the current emotional state of an individual, resulting in a more natural experience. Yet this is not an easy task. Although machine learning can, for example, differentiate between smiles and frowns, the truth is that we can cry with happiness, or smile in anger, depending on the mood and the personalities of each.
“Machine learning algorithms are currently quite good at recognizing certain physiological or behavioral indications associated with specific emotional states,” explains Edgar. “But, if you look at the most sophisticated emotional theories and how they are made, there’s a range of them, and there’s no one right They’re all a lot more complicated. It’s not as easy as knowing someone’s tone of voice, posture, or facial expression–there’s a lot more to it than that. “Furthermore, as someone with an academic background in empathy, an empathologist could use their experience to build on the understanding of different emotional nuances by AI systems while working to improve algorithms to understand them better.

Provide Online and Offline Connected Experience 
While customers enjoy technology-enabled experiences, 64 percent of people say they prefer to communicate with a human being. In line with this, we have already seen many companies trying to blend the physical and digital realms, using both inspiration and experimentation to deliver.

Invest in In-Store Technology
With the aid of digital beacons in-store, Brands can more fully understand how shoppers communicate with the brick-and-mortar environment. Using beacons, brands can communicate using consumers using a kind of Bluetooth connection through their mobile device. It helps advertisers to do things like deliver location-personalized ads to shoppers, gage customer loyalty, and determine the type of marketing material that will attract in-store shoppers. There are expected to be 400 million beacons in use worldwide by 2020.

Feelings Provoke The Buying Persona

Emotions are a powerful motivator for human behavior. That is true on the web, too. The more the ranking signals continue to evolve, the greater the role that emotion-motivated actions play in optimizing search engines. After all, one of our primary focuses as SEOs is on developing content which makes everyone who sees it want to share it and say wow. Search engine signals such as connections, social shares, clicks, and even the way search quality raters view a site are strongly tied to the emotions a site evokes from its users, and the content of its individual pages.

Who triggers a user? Which makes a connection generated by a user? There is something that makes a person share? Which makes a rater check the “trusted location” box for search quality? This is all feeling. And so it follows that in order to influence, encourage, and inspire users to click, connect, and share, we need to understand some emotional stuff and how to bring it about through the content we publish online.

And while we understand that SEO’s emotional aspect is not a revolutionary concept, we are shocked by how often it goes unnoticed. In comparison, much of the material that focuses on emotional response development is confined to the basic emotions. Pictures of kittens, for example, may make some people happy. Contests fill the excitement with participants. Backing up and positive reviews will give us confidence. Press releases may come as a surprise. Op-Ed pieces we disagree with can make us angry or even disgusted.

Admittedly, it can be quite difficult to create emotions evoking Web content. It needs some basic psychological awareness and an understanding of the people in your online network Your site(s) guests. And so, if we could offer some helpful advice or takeaways here, we would suggest you spend more time thinking about and knowing your online audiences. How does it make them happy? What is it that makes them sad? What types of things elicit an emotional response powerful enough to get them to click (a relatively low emotional response) and share (bit higher response), Share (bit higher response) and cite or connect your content to (even higher response)?

And don’t restrict your attention strictly to subject matter. Think about how the form that your content takes can influence emotion. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. As web-based communications technologies continue to evolve to help us better express our emotions online, search engines are very likely to increasingly take into account more sophisticated emotional expressions when delivering search results. When innovative and smart technologies grow with AI at their heart, SEO is seeing more reader-centered approaches that Google is incorporating for better search experiences. The primary focus for Google is always the consumer. Whether it’s the penalty structures or investing in semblance-savvy AI, Google makes every effort to boost content relevance to better search experiences. 

In 2016, Google released RankBrain-” a machine-learning algorithm that recognizes patterns and data from buckets. “Google confirmed in an interview that RankBrain was the third most important element in its search ranking algorithm, along with links and material.

Why is This New Mechanism of Search ‘the Need of the Hour’?

There is another big reason why such an advanced search method should be implemented. Although the world’s most popular search engine, Google manages countless queries on a daily basis, research shows that 15 percent of incoming queries are fresh. In other words, Google never handled 15 percent of what people enter in its search bar before. 

Now it becomes even more clear why it would implement a search algorithm based on AI, isn’t it? An AI-based algorithm could better interpret unknown queries by 15 percent. Nonetheless, as we all know, all that Google wants is to offer the best possible results to its customers, even if they are searching for something special.

And this is where Google’s shines with RankBrain.

How RankBrain Dominates the Searches

The story goes roughly as follows. Next, RankBrain must find out what exactly a question is about. Instead, in the past, it draws from similar queries and selects the most relevant ones for that particular query among common search signals that will determine the value of the pages. After this, the search results help to rank and view the web pages.

Given below we have provided a very simple example to illustrate this. We will clarify this method later in more detail.

Imagine it’s Sunday afternoon, and in Google’s search bar you type “NFL results.” Next, RankBrain should find out you want to see NFL match scores.

Instead, since it’s Sunday and the matches being played at the moment, RankBrain will find out from this context that your purpose is to follow the scores in real-time. Therefore, the search results will be structured so that you will see websites that deliver feature live scores first. Back when Google was still developing machine learning algorithms and applications in its laboratories, an early RankBrain prototype was tested against a group of Google engineers to determine the best page for a search in question. I guess what? RankBrain outperformed 10 percent of these crack code commands! Actually, that was not a fluke. Google rolled it out in 2015, with proof in hand that RankBrain actually works, working alongside the core algorithm to produce even better search results.

Now it’s the third most important consideration for websites ranking

RankBrain became the third most important ranking factor out of Google’s 200 + list of ranking signals in a relatively short time, which decides the location of a website on the search results. It’s just under the factors of “backlink profile” and “Content quality.”

That is, of course, a fairly simple way to look at things, considering that many subfactors fall inside “links” and “content.”

The Alliance of RankBrain and SEO

RankBrain is Google’s three-year-old game-changing machine learning algorithm implemented to improve Hummingbird (the overall search algorithm used by Google). The primary objective is to help identify and interpret the intent of the searcher and to view results pages that do not necessarily include the keywords used by the searcher while ensuring that the content consists of information related to the search. Question is a category.

According to Google, “RankBrain is one of hundreds of signals that go into an algorithm that decides what results appear and where they are ranked on a Google search page. Within a few months of its launch, RankBrain has become the third most relevant signal leading to a search query result. Experts predict that voice search will quickly become a standard with the prevalence of smartphones and smart appliances, and by 2020 half of all online searches will be voice-based. This means that the question is more likely to be in the form of a question, with a longer, more complex structure and perhaps even a more conversational tone. 

To handle such online search, RankBrain was developed. To be frank, Google’s earlier developed algorithms would not be able to handle voice search, as this form of query needs an understanding of the meaning and the intent of the users.

RankBrain’s task is to understand Google’s core algorithms and apply the best mix of these algorithms for each search result form. For example, RankBrain might use the META title as the most important signal for specific search results, which could lead to a better search experience. And in other situations, PageRank can be marketed as a stronger indicator, based on the user intent. This means, for each new search, RankBrain customizes each search result and uses a completely different set of algorithms mix.

Let me summarize how RankBrain functions in the simplest terms: as a searcher-centric AI and machine learning algorithm, RankBrain can use deep-learning to adapt and gain knowledge about the real intentions of search engine users and what kind of information they are searching for. So, if you are curating content that is emotionally rich and informational at the same time and has enabled you to grab your user’s engagement.  Then this method will grab the attention span of Googles RankBrain. 

Using Emotional Keywords Content

Phrases that each traditional keywords which are transferred by the searcher’s questions. RankBrain favors natural long-tail keyword phrases sounding like mobile voice searches or the actual questions searcher. RankBrain connects the dots between the search terms and keyword phrases to direct users to the corresponding brand content. RankBrain can easily interpret a straightforward, succinct and definitive keyword strategy with primary keywords and related long-tail phrases and queries that convey the content subject, leading to a highly ranked SERP website. 

Write Content that Flows Naturally with Relevance 

This is possible if you write original, entertaining and fact-based content that flows naturally and (yet strategically) with non-repetitive keywords and links leading to complementary sources that improve the overall content concept and insights. RankBrain enjoys content created with the user’s purpose in mind that people want to find on the websites. 

Content Should Trigger your Consumer

To own organic listings with impressive click-through levels, it is imperative to tap into the emotions of the readers. Emotions are one of the most powerful triggers which not only increase the clickthrough rate but also significantly improve the conversion rate. 

The Perceptions of Searchers 

Gone were the days when SERP regarded a keyword strategy as a significant element. With Google’s update to Penguin (Quality Guidelines) and numerous other algorithms, marketers have no choice but to create emotional-quality content based on their user interaction. SEO strategies based on keywords have now paved the way for technological SEO, page loading speed, mobile responsiveness, user behavior, connection building methods, content, and other factors. In short, each element of SEO focuses mainly on creating meaningful pieces of content with the user interface and experience at the core. However big your keyword density may be, your Google ranking will start to fall if your content isn’t adequately engaging with high-quality, high-relevance material!

User Intent Keywords

It goes beyond matching text strings-RankBrain shows what you mean when you type in a message. This is what RankBrain was built for, as Gary Illyes of Google has pointed out. Even if a user types in a bunch of keywords in a query that Google has never seen before, RankBrain can go one step further and link those new keywords to the ones that it has seen before. Assume you’ve got the following 5 search queries: 


  • Good Netflix shows 
  • good shows on Netflix 
  • What are the good shows on Netflix?
  • Shows perfect for Netflix?
  • What should you watch on Netflix?

RankBrain knows that practically those five queries are searching for the same thing. No matter how the questions are written, the purpose of the user is, “I want to know what programs are worth watching on Netflix right now.” RankBrain can build concepts from keywords, and find pages that suit these concepts best. Therefore, no matter how different the terms are in each of the examples above, as long as they mean the same thing, the results of the search will display almost the same performance – things that gives a highly recommended Netflix movie list. 

RankBrain Inspects User Satisfaction

Taking his job a step further, RankBrain will confirm his search results by the way you like or hate his. These findings can also be changed in future searches.

RankBrain will decide if you have clicked on a search result and spent a lot of time on that page via user experience signals, or if you have hit the back button on your browser to look at another result. Simply put, when a user discovers a site down the list and spends more time on it because it has great, useful content, RankBrain will give this site a little boost so that the next time someone does a similar search it appears higher.

RankBrain strives simply to please consumers. By looking at the organic click-through rate, dwell time, bounce rate, and pogo-sticking of a site, RankBrain will “decide” to change the search engine ranking location of said website based on how favorably users interact with the site.

RankBrain Vs. Past Google’s changes 

Google has made a number of game-changing improvements to its search algorithm since launching RankBrain.

  • Panda By 2011, it was a chance to provide consumers with high-quality content by supporting or demoting websites by search results, depending on the utility and importance of content. Effect on SEO: Lower-ranking pages with more useful content.
  • Penguin Implemented in 2012, this was a backlink adaptation. This served as a deterrent to black-hat SEO activities such as linking fields, linking pyramids, and the like. Effect on SEO: rank higher for pages with high-quality backlinks.
  • Hummingbird A major update, announced in 2013, puts much greater emphasis on human interaction, meaning and natural language. Effect on SEO: Long-tail keywords now have more meaning, as they help determine a search sense.
  • Pigeon Released in 2014, it improved the quality of local searches, linking Google Maps and other resources to the results. Effect on SEO: in search results, small businesses are now more noticeable. There are now new rules and guidelines for the local SEO in operation.

Google is already much more advanced than its earlier iterations. Through incorporating machine learning into the core search algorithm, however, it is now better equipped to tackle the challenges posed through voice search, multi-word requests, and more complicated, long-tail key phrases.

First of all, with Google RankBrain in Mind, let’s make it clear that RankBrain motivates you to re-evaluate and re-adjust the overall SEO plan by supplying the users with the highest quality.

The tactic of the long-tail keyword is now redundant

Even before the RankBrain update, the focus was moved towards content of high quality. Google has basically told website owners to consider creating content with people, not search engines. 

RankBrain just drives home this point. Since it can already group similar keywords and key phrases together, it recognizes that these terms ‘ classical variants (and even common misspellings) are essentially the same thing, and will use them to produce nearly identical search results.

Write With Empathy 

Studies show that posts with a higher emotional value not only increases the likelihood of pulling in more viewers but also aim to earn more shares. 


You could also try to work on some power-words or action-words such as “easy,” “effortless,” “how-to,” “simple,” to help you stand out in your headline.

Optimize Content For Bounce Rate and Dwell Time 

As visitors land via search results on your website, the goal is to keep them as long as possible. Well-organized, thoughtfully crafted content is the best way to reduce the bounce rate on your site and improve overall dwelling time. This is especially true in this day and age when everyone uses smartphones to conduct searches. People want answers right away, so at least your site should be tailored not only to mobile traffic but also fast-loading and clean. 

RankBrain will infer that the longer someone lingers on your web, the greater the likelihood of finding what they are looking for. In fact, the manner in which visitors click on specific links or buttons on your site is an indicator of participation or involvement. You’re safe as long as they don’t bounce straight away.

Publish Long, In-Depth Content 

If the idea is to keep visitors on your site for as long as possible, providing insightful and relevant content is the best way to hook them into it. Google already favors longer quality articles over a plethora of shallow 300-word bits, and this choice is further reinforced by RankBrain. Sprinkle additional rich media into your content. Apart from high-resolution images, consider using infographics, pictographs, video, sound bites, and downloadables as all of these contribute to your page’s usability, user engagement, and most importantly, the amount of time visitors spend on your platform. 

Consider putting some money into Facebook ad campaigns, have a valuable or insightful email newsletter for your guests to sign up for, and do some outreach on the strength of your awesome content.

Re-Optimize Old Content 

Check back and give them the much-needed update on some of your old posts from time to time. Some of these may already be obsolete, requiring a more recent spin, or a new set of examples. Also, don’t forget that you may have used obsolete methods to improve old content. Make sure that you also test your on-page SEO for those old pieces.  

Using LSI Keywords 

To Fill in Content Gaps Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords are terms and phrases that are automatically associated with a specific topic, allowing Google to better understand your web pages and giving them meaning.

How To Transit Consumers to Brand Fans

While many people think rational thinking wins, studies show that people rely more on emotion to make purchasing decisions than on information. Human beings are by nature emotional, which means that many of our choices— from what we eat to what we buy — are affected by how we feel any day. After all, if you think logically about it, your favorite pair of shoes is essentially the same in form as thousands of other pairs, but in some way, you rationalize your favorite pair is better.

This is because we’re all morally compromised. Companies marketing efforts create a deeper connection with us and push us to fall in love with whatever they sell. Yes, 2015’s most-shared advertisements were those that used emotional content.

If you’re a marketer, you should be particularly aware of this emphasis on emotion. After all, while informing your customers about your services and products is important, making them feel something even more important.

So, if you’re ready to get touchy-feely with your advertising efforts, it’s time to start Look at the human decision-making process and how you can use it in marketing.

Dwelling into The Emotional Brain 

According to Antonio Damasio, a University of Southern California professor of neuroscience, we need emotion to make practically any kind of decision. By emotions, we link interactions with brands and products to our personal feelings and memories. 

For instance, if you eat a burger from a local fast-food restaurant for the first time, you’ve ended up sick for several hours, you’ll probably equate that restaurant with disgust. It doesn’t matter you might just have had a one-off bad burger; in the long run, your experience will still be affecting you. 

In the same way, if you equate going to that local fast-food restaurant with enjoyable moments bonding with your kids, then you’re likely to go back and forth again and again— whether you really like the food or not. That’s because our emotions build desires that affect decision-making.

So, emotions count?

There’s a lot of core emotions there. So, should they all be appealing? Well, maybe not.  

The feelings we use to make purchasing decisions using social constructs and behaviors, according to the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology. They include: 

  •  Happiness 
  •  Sadness 
  •  Surprise / Fear 
  •  Anger / Disgust

While you undoubtedly thought that “happiness” would be an emotion that all advertisers would cater to, you might be shocked by the other choices. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that when it comes to triggering a response, negative feelings can be as intense as optimistic sentiments.


What motivates your target customers or inspires them? When inspired people often think differently or act differently. When someone they relate to accomplish an impossible accomplishment or overcomes an obstacle, they can feel a sense of pride. And, when they see a good deed in motion they may be persuaded.

The right story of human interest or a spokesperson who represents the brand will make the motivational approach work. Associating the brand successfully with a role model that people can believe in can also lead people to believe in your product. Gatorade and Nike have mastered this inspiring approach, using athletes like Serena Williams and Michael Jordan as brand ambassadors who inspire audiences, from, not just their looks or fame but their achievements, talents, and perseverance.

It can be amazing to develop an emotional relationship with your customers and create a halo effect for your company. Dawn platter soap has been praised as a wildlife rescue hero for washing hundreds of birds after the 2010 Gulf Coast oil spill. Consumers looked with pride at the brand for being part of the overall humanitarian response to this ecological catastrophe. Honda’s Power of Dreams campaign celebrates “people who chase their dreams with reckless abandonment and the amazing things that happen when their dreams come true.” While featuring celebrities like Amy Adams and Steve Carell, the campaign actually conveys an even richer brand story by paying tribute to Honda’s founder Soichiro Honda, whose pursuit of dreams made Honda a success.


campaigns build a brand identity that taps into the desires of an audience, their desire to achieve a lofty goal or to pursue a lifestyle or experience that they long for. They can strive to be financially secure, send a child to college or strike a rank vehicle on the open road. 

Hermes conveys the impression in the luxury sector that its goods are intended for those who are sophisticated, worldly and appreciate fine craftsmanship. Even if you’ve never traveled the world, buying a product from Hermes shows you value worldliness in a way other people might not. Those who drive a Tesla do so as they believe in the aspirational goal of the company: “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

Expressing Love 

A marketing strategy that focuses on appealing to the raw and most intimate emotions of customers can transform a nameless, faceless, even seemingly soulless company into a brand with which the public can connect and care. This can even work for companies that are not necessarily persuasive or that provide a product or service that has little to separate it from the competition.

The most effective way of humanizing a product is by showing that the brand enhances, simplifies or brings joy to someone’s life. For important occasions, brands such as Pandora (jewelry) and FTD help to show those you care about. The long-running “Love— it’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru” campaign is classic, and the “Always There” campaign by ADT promises to protect your home and help your family feel Safe. The new campaign “Safe Like a Mom” by Lysol compares mothers to wild animals who naturally safe their children from everything-even germs.

A Milestone Link 

Milestones can be an opportunity to improve the bond between your brand and your customers. This year the Big Mac turned 50; Star Wars premiered 40 years ago and the Jelly giant J.M. Smucker is 120 years old and those anniversaries are being celebrated proudly by their companies. In addition, a brand should concentrate on life milestones that are significant to its audience, and build a resonant strategy. The recent return to school campaign by Oscar Meyer shows real moms thinking about the bittersweet moment of watching their children go to school for the first time and in a twist, making the children make lunch for their parents to ease the transition.

Only telling a narrative about the involvement of your brand in the lives of those who witness a milestone can be very successful. New York Life covers the first steps of an infant and promises you it will be there for “all the ups and downs of life.” And Huggies heads into the delivery room with her “Baby’s First Hug” campaign to remind new moms that kisses improve the immune systems of children. 

National car brands, retailers and banks link up with their local markets through promotions featuring famous local landmarks, local schools and colleges, and sports teams from home town. Brands such as Bank of America and Target play active roles in local programs and collaborations that create better places for people to live and work. The Clif Bar sponsors several cultural and running events in the cities is a highly visible competitor throughout the United States with activities such as his mid-marathon dance parties.

Collecting such information requires some preparation on your part, but a big-brand budget is not necessarily required. Here are three ways to get inside the minds of your customers to sell them better, regardless of their size:

Step back into their shoes

Through a case study of Jhonson and Jhonson, we discovered that spending time with expectant and new moms the team was talking to them about how their days went, and what they were thinking about. We changed my diapers and served newborns in bottles. We learned what’s going to help a new mother get through her day. You can do the same with the clients by taking part in the way they live their lives. 

Using social media as a method for surveying the market 

Social media has given us an amazing view of our customers world, particularly those who “like” us. You will analyze comments they make about their everyday lives and create ways to improve them. Platforms such as Facebook should be used to communicate more than just the image. You can literally reach out via social media and ask customers about their lives, keeping track of the data on how they react.

Develop a strategic survey 

Another option is to send a simple survey to customers which they can complete through SurveyMonkey, the survey provider. You may create personalized multiple-choice questionnaires for a small annual fee which also includes open-ended psychographic issues. You’ll be able to learn how your consumers think and feel by asking questions like: “What’s most important to you?” and “What’s your greatest fear?” Such strategies can help you to understand the feelings and attitudes of your customers through demographic lines. Understanding how they feel helps you to emotionally fulfill them, making you a more positive brand presence in their lives.

The High of Re-evaluation

You’ll obviously have a set of expectations and values about the overall direction of your campaign when you launch an SEO campaign first. But as I mentioned earlier, every company is unique and circumstances are entirely unpredictable, so the chances are that your aspirations won’t stagnate during your strategy’s development— if they do, you’ll just set yourself up for disappointment. 


You will need to take a serious look at your success, your current strategy and your priorities at every major milestone of your campaign and make some adjustments for the future. Unlike traditional advertising, which typically revolves around massive teardowns and reconstructions, you won’t be revising your SEO plan significantly. Then, you can make adjustments and modifications throughout the process, fine-tuning until you reach the perfect investment balance and payoff in the areas you wish to create. 


That being said, imagining every major milestone and the types of markers you’ll be searching for as you reach those milestones is worthwhile.


The First Month of Going Online

At the start of the first month, you are going to be at ground zero. Make sure your Analytics file is set up and take a snapshot of your current traffic metric. This will serve as the basis for the rest of your campaign, and as the starting point for calculating the other temporal milestones (at 3 months, 6 months, etc.).


Over the course of the first month, you must put the greatest focus on developing the processes and procedures for carrying forward the campaign. Don’t even think about calculating your campaign’s results at this point— any spikes you see in traffic could result from a fluke. Some steps, including blog comments and social shares, can provide you with a sneak preview of how people respond to your material, but they’re not going to give you any major insights.


You will be in a good position to take the pulse of your campaign after three months of steady running. Start by testing your data on Analytics — here you’ll be able to see exactly how much your traffic has risen. Don’t be surprised if the increases are small, particularly if you’re working with a minimal team or budget, but your traffic structure will begin to change — look for Organic and Social visitors, and visit deeper pages of your website, such as individual blogs.


You will also want to begin assessing the marketing strategy’s effectiveness.

When you find that one category of subjects is already getting far more coverage than another, it might be worth making a change.


Six Months of Patience

Within six months, you should be able to make a clear review of how the campaign performs overall — even campaigns with small budgets should see a substantial increase in traffic. If you haven’t, or if your growth is erratic, it could be the result of a change in algorithm or an inefficiency point in your campaign. Examine your approach for any potential deviations from best practices. 


One Year of Fruitfulness 

The one year mark is the last important milestone for your promotional campaign after One Year. By this stage, you should start engaging with your audience to learn how to develop your content strategy — your audience should be sufficiently large to achieve a meaningful sample of views. Moving forward, you’ll have a better chance of tracking your traffic success and other SEO-specific metrics. Because variations can be dependent on seasonality and changes to your campaign, the best course of action is to compare each month progressing to the corresponding month of the preceding month.


Setting realistic expectations on your SEO plan will help you stay patient while your long-term strategy starts taking shape. Sadly, in the first few months, you will not have much input or insight into your progress, but after several months of due diligence you will not only be able to see the sprouts of your progress, you will also be able to form the ideas you need to change and rebuild your progressive campaign. 


Wrapping Up

While it may seem like an insurmountable— and prohibitive cost— challenge to develop this form of marketing strategy, small businesses should not be discouraged. You don’t have to have a huge budget to build fans of the brand. Understand your audience, tell a credible story, get ready to work harder and use your audience’s resources to give you the most exposure and “bang for your buck.”


No matter what approach you select, note that authenticity is the key to building an effective emotional marketing campaign. If you really understand the commitment your company makes to its audience and speak from the heart, your brand can communicate to a whole new level and make friends with consumers.


If you’re looking for ways to restructure your campaign in the new year — or launch the right campaign. There are many SEO courses out there that will enable you to excel and shine a new perspective and an out of the box campaign.  

Top 15 Reasons Causing Drop in Website Traffic

Top 15 Reasons Causing Drop in Website Traffic

Is your website ranking losing traffic on search engine?

Your business may get affected if your Website experience a significant drop in ranking.

The best practice is to know the reasons that, why your site is losing its grace?

Google has decided to give ranking to all websites with few predefined rules for every website.

All you need to do is to configure your website in a proper way to get higher ranking and more traffic for lead generation.

1. Duplicate Content:

The duplicate content issue happens when a website owner unknowingly creates the same content which is available on other’s website. And sometimes adding URL parameters or alternate versions of URLs can also cause this issue.

This problem can be a reason for drop-in website traffic.

2. Mobile Compatibility:

Since the origin of mobile device, people spend most of the time on mobile for calling and for searching for information also.

So if your website is not mobile friendly your site will drop ranking, Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which improves websites performance on mobile devices.

You just ensure that your website works properly on mobile also to get back on higher ranking.

3. Time on Site:

Your website engagement may affect its ranking.

The user-friendly content is more engaging for audiences which give a higher ranking on the website.

But if your website content is not as structured as your user require chances will be high for getting exited from your website. Short time on the website shows Google that your website is not properly designed and well defined for the user.

4. Simple Technical Issues:

Technical issues are changing day by day and play a very important role in SEO of any website.

They can be severe if not sorted by the right time. Always try to solve technical issues timely to keep your website up on ranking parameters.

5. Geographic distribution:

Your geographic location can also affect your website rankings.

To get more accurate results of your site rankings you need to check in several other geographic areas.

For example, for a specific keyword or phrase, you rank in the first page, but this ranking won’t be the same across other locations.

Google will take into account sites you have previously visited into your location and the device you are using for your search results.

6. Domain, DNS or NS structure:

If you are really concerned about your website ranking than always be updated with the latest algorithm launched by Google

I would start with technical checking to see if any changes to the domain, DNS (Domain Name Server) or NS (Name Server) structure have been made that could have caused this.

7. Page Speed:

If your page loading speed is low, then it may frustrate your audiences.

According to Kiss Metrics, around 47 per cent of visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds, and 40 per cent of visitors will exit the website if the page loading process takes more than 3 seconds and your website’s bounce rate will increase.

You can use Google’s new and improved version which is Page speed tool to check your webpage speed.

8. Your competitors are doing better than you:

You are following all kind of better practice to get higher ranking on the search engine but still, you may see a fall on ranking, as your competitors are working better than you.

There are few tools like Wayback Machine to check the changes your competitor made.

You can also try with the same changes to get your position back.

9. Algorithm Changes:

Google always keep changing strategies for users and always making algorithm changes.

Many sites have been penalized by these changes and suffered in the form of a significant drop in site rankings.

To avoid being penalized by Google’s updates, use effective cross-channel marketing and traffic strategy that includes social media and other marketing channels.

10. Switching HTTP to HTTPs:

HTTPs or SSL certificate has lots of benefits for website, After the announcement of Google for making non-secure pages with a big red mark.

So plan properly while you move your site from HTTP to HTTPs.

11. Broken Redirects:

If you are using a 301-redirect, you must make sure that XML sitemaps, canonical tags, and links are also updated. A 301 redirect is alike to a change of address notice for the web.

This message tells search engines that a page, several pages, or your entire website has been moved.

To escape from penalization by Google do it correctly then you won’t lose your rankings, nor will you get penalized for duplicate content because search engines are indexing both your old and new web address.

12. Google penalties:

If your site comes in Google penalties than your web traffic will face a down in graph. You can check alerts given by Google in Google Search console account.

You can also, check for messages on your Google Webmaster Tools tab that alert you to harmful activity or errors on your site like Crawl Errors and HTML errors.

You can find easily about this matter on any tool like google webmaster.

13. Track your Lost Links:

A “backlink” is one of the most important terms in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). Building links is a difficult task. And it’s so frustrating when hard‐earned links disappear without any pre-indication.

In Ahrefs reports you can see the link loss reason as “link removed.” This is true. There used to be a link to us from that page.

14. Toxic Backlinks:

In May 2013, people surprised when Penguin 2.0 launched by Google.

As immediately, all search rankings on the internet dropped via the Page Rank this happened due to toxic backlinks Toxic backlinks are the most stubborn links on any website and can cause a fall on page ranking.

15. You’re tracking the Wrong Rankings:

Most of us try to use sophisticated keywords for our website but this pattern is not working nowadays.

When we search on google, we type only simple “phrases” or simple sentences not complicated so as our audience.


Your website ranking drop issues will give you the idea that what the bad practice you should avoid and what the best practice should you go ahead with. Be aware, as there is no shortcut to increasing your website traffic and high search engine rankings.