Top 5 Social Media Marketing Courses in Brazil

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Courses in Brazil

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Courses in Brazil

The importance of the internet has become integral in our lives. With it, the world of digital marketing is also gaining its significance. Digital marketing involves the process of marketing and selling products and services to customers in the online mode. It helps customers to gain proper knowledge about various sorts of products and services before making a purchase. This skill is required in the market by many businesses and thus, there are a lot of online digital marketing courses in India that teach these strategies.

Social Media marketing is one of the skills that have received the highest validation during pandemic times. Having a digital presence as a brand or as an individual is the need of the hour.

To upscale yourself with the ongoing trend, it is necessary to join with the best hands.

Brandveda, one of the leading Institutes in Gujarat is well known for its course curriculum and hands-on experience. As a digital marketing institute, they have one of the best courses in the market in regards to social media. From content creation to PPC ad campaigns, their course covers it all.

Brandveda, the leading digital marketing institute has designed its social media course according to every going trend. If you’re moving into the world of social media, you need to update yourself daily. Learn and upgrade your skills from time to time basis and you’ll be able to excel in life easily.


Why to study Social Media Marketing in Brazil?

Social media marketing can be an interesting career option for you. If you stay in Brazil you have surely got some added advantage for doing a course in digital marketing. Read on to find out what social media Brazil has to offer.

  • Brazil’s population has more than 192 million people with a very high GDP. So, Brazil has become an exciting place for online based companies to expand their horizon.
  • After 2011, the internet population has grown over 16% with 81million people being the online audience for Brazil alone.
  • Brazil’s retail sites received over 70% of online population.


Hence, it is the perfect choice for you to study digital marketing in Brazil.

Top 5 Social Marketing Course in Brazil

  • The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy is said to be the world’s largest provider of classroom training and online training. The Academy specializes in teaching digital marketing in Brazil. The Knowledge Academy has been training over 15,000 students. The institute provides training to students in more than 190 countries all around the globe. They deliver training to a wide section of people and organizations like public individuals, corporate world, and various government agencies.

If you are in search of social media marketing course in Brazil, then Digital Marketing Master Class course would be the perfect choice for you. This Master Class course provides you with the opportunity to gain the skills required for social media marketing within a very short period of time. It helps you to learn about the customer experience strategies. 

This course trains you about the key challenges involved and the factors responsible for the success of mobile marketing. The major modules that the Knowledge Academy teaches is digital marketing on business, multi-channel marketing, industry methodologies and user testing.

The Master class is an instructor-led course. This course serves to be the perfect choice for novices as well as the managers who are interested in refreshing and modifying their knowledge about the vast arena of social media. It is a cost effective course. 

  • Website-
  • Contact details- +55 8000201623

  • The Digital Almighty Institute

The Digital Almighty Institute is a globally recognized training institute for digital marketing. This Institute offers one of the finest training amongst the top 10 social media marketing course in Brazil. The Digital Almighty Institute has trained over 25,000 students from all corners of the world. This academy has been successful in setting up a benchmark in the field of digital marketing. The students of this institute have been placed in some of the top organizations of the world.

You can enlist yourself in the Digital Almighty Professional Certification program. This course help you to build the foundation and develop the basic knowledge about how digital marketing works. It provides you with high quality guidance from industry experts. The faculty will provide you with personalized feedback on your performance and progress. The main highlights of this course are the principles and strategies of digital marketing, marketing campaigns, industry insight and the ultimate knowledge about the various marketing tools available. 

The Institute provides offers you with full time placement opportunities after the completion of this program. Various mentoring sessions are being held by the experts on a regular basis. The institute also gives you the chance to work on real time projects which would be beneficial for you in the longer run.

The Institute offers affordable digital marketing courses like Master certification, specialist certification and entrepreneurship and career launch program. You also get the opportunity of no cost EMI based on your requirement. The courses help you to gather the skills to be a leader in the world of digital marketing.

  • Website-
  • Contact details- +971565472007/ 9 71 4 33690

  • The Keystone Academic Solution- Master Studies Institute

It offers one of the top 10 social media marketing course in Brazil. This Master Studies Institute aims to provide you with tremendous outreach to international markets. The institute caters to 15,000 students from all around the world. This institute has an experienced faculty who delivers quality modules to the students. The objective of this institute is to train leaders who would be capable of developing the arena of social media marketing. This institute has a partnership with highly esteemed universities in more than 10 countries.

The ESPM Master Custom Class course might be the ideal choice for you if you are looking to set a career in digital marketing. This course comprises of four semesters. It also offers a Masters Degree certificate to the students after the successful completion of the course. It serves as a part time course. 

You can customize the modules of this course according to your basic requirement. It is a very unique feature that is offered here. The teachers constantly monitor you so that you can obtain the maximum professional development from this course. Various semi-annual coaching and training sessions are being held by this institute. The topics that this course usually covers are social media marketing, inbound marketing, digital media analytics and conversion marketing.

This course makes you an expert in managing, communication and social media marketing. You are also provided with the opportunity to take up an international module in one of the ESPM’s partner universities. The students are also given the chance to develop their very own Course Completion paper after completing the entire course on digital marketing. It is one of the best digital marketing Brazil.


  • Website-
  • Contact details- +47 23  22 72 50

  • The Omni Academy of Consultation, Technology and Innovation

The Omni Academy of Consultation, Technology and Innovation is a globally recognized university. It is professed to be one of the best among the top 10 social media marketing course in Brazil. This institute is trusted by Sherlock PR Brazil and Sherlock communications Brazil. It has successfully trained more than 30,000 students over the years. The institute offers over 100 instructors who are highly experienced in their field. This academy strives to provide constant academic support to all of its students.

The institute offers a diploma course in Advanced Digital Marketing. This course aims to provide you an insight into the role of digital tools within the modern and diverse marketing environment. They help you explore the digital and strategically aspects involved in the arena of digital marketing. This course teaches you the various way of developing engaging content for social media. It teaches modules like digital marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and paid advertising. 

This diploma course serves to be the ideal course for budding individuals who are new to the world of digital marketing. Professionals can also enroll in the course as it explores some of the advanced concepts as well.

  • Website-
  • Contact details-021-3498-6664

  • Digital Marketing Institute

It provides one of the best social media marketing course in Brazil. It had trained over 15,000 students who have got themselves placed in some highly reputed companies of the world. The faculty members are experienced and they serve to be the constant mentor and guide for the students. The institute guarantees a holistic development of the students who have been enrolled in the program of digital marketing.

It is an international postgraduate course which is offered to students in partnership with EPSM. After completing the course, the students are endowed with a double certificate which includes international and national certificate. The double certificate helps students to work with a lot of digital marketing agencies. This course makes you an expert in social media marketing, search engine optimization and social media selling. You are also free to avail Master degree course in social marketing. This course helps you to boost your career and develop visions and skills.


  • Website-
  • Contact details- +55 11 3375-0044




You can start your career as a Social Media Marketing Consultant Service after the completion of these courses. The social media marketing course in Brazil trains students both in online and offline mode. Try to use the opportunity of a demo class before selecting the institute. The institutes will help you develop skills required to be a leader in the diverse world of digital marketing and bag a job in one of the Social Media Marketing Companies in India.


Top 25 Social Media Marketing Agencies in South Korea

Top 25 Social Media Marketing Agencies in South Korea

Top 25 Social Media Marketing Agencies in South Korea


Many people are losing their jobs in various industries, but the Digital Marketing Industry is booming in the present pandemic scenario. There is a massive demand for Digital Marketing courses and digital marketing services in the world. Social Media and Digital Marketing agencies are the most important aspects of the business industry right now. In order to infiltrate the Korean community with your product, it is important that you understand the Korean market. For advertising in South Korea, it is vital to take the help of a social media marketing agency.


The world is moving at a faster pace with the help of technology. Every brand, every agency is now focusing on digital presence. The focus has now shifted onto online platforms. To grab the attention of the users, it is crucial to select the ideal social media marketing agency.


If you’re someone who likes to explore with experienced agencies and trainers, we have some exciting news for you!


Click Big Digital Marketing Agency, the sister company of Brandveda, one of the top Digital Marketing Institutes in Gujarat has established its name and has proven with extraordinary results. The services that they offer are Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, and a lot more.


Social media marketing is a crucial step when you’re looking forward to creating and establish a brand presence digitally.  Always remember to select the agency that aligns with your brand value and generates quality leads. Brand presence on digital platforms helps customers catch the eye which then helps the product or service attain leads for sales and conversion.


If you’re not looking to go out for agencies across the globe and wish to stick to local agencies then, there are a great number of digital marketing and social media marketing agencies in Korea. These agencies help your brand to make its presence known in the Korean Community.


Read on to find the top 25 social media marketing agencies in South Korea which will help your company to establish a name for itself in Korean and Asian market. 


  1. Punch Digital Marketing Korean Online Advertising Agency– 

The Punch Digital Marketing Korean Online Advertising Agency is the one listed at the top of the top 10 social media marketing agencies in South Korea. They are fluent in the three languages – Korean, English and Dutch.

This Korean marketing agency has an expertise level of knowledge about the Korean market and is extremely helpful. They are not only specialised in Google, but also in Naver and Daum SEO, the two most used search engines in Korea. They provide SEO, SNS, PCP and also micro-influencer marketing. A few companies that they have worked with are Marco Polo Hotels, Outback Steakhouse, NordVPN, VanCleef and Arples.

  • Website –
  • Location – Seoul, Junggu, Dadong, Namdaemunro


  1. International Digital Marketing – 

International Digital Marketing, or InterAd, is one of the best social media marketing agencies in South Korea. For twenty years, this company has worked hard to improve their SEO techniques, content quality, search engine marketing and also, traffic and web conversion.

Throughout their twenty years, this digital marketing agency in Korea has worked with more than five hundred clients. They have worked for more than sixty countries including Russia, America, Japan, China, Europe, and several other Asian countries. A few of the companies that they have worked with are the Selvas AI, British Council, Banobagi Plastic Surgery amongst various others.

  • Website –
  • Location – Gangnam-gu, Seoul


  1. Inquivix – 

Another agency which has specialised in social media marketing in South Korea is Inquivix. They provide a full range of marketing services for various businesses. They have an expertise in services like SEO optimisation, paid advertising in Korean platforms, social media management and engaging with customers, web design and development.

Inquivis has a whole team set up to look after the SEO campaigns. They work with analytical data to check how efficient their tactics are which helps themselves to improve their campaigns. This practise helps their clients as well. Their client portfolio includes The Economist, Agewell, Freshworks, Premier Reasarch amongst various others.  

  • Website –
  • Location – Gangnam-gu, Seoul


  1. Nitaro – 

Nitaro is one of the top advertising agencies in Korea which has experience in social media marketing. They have been in the market for ten years and they are experienced in AdWords, Webmaster, Instagram, Facebook, Baidu and KakaoTalk. Their specialties include gaming, blockchain, tourism, education, start-up, and cosmetics and make up industry. 

Their services include pay per click (PPC) in Google, Naver and Daum, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), content marketing through blogs in the search engines and also social media marketing through Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Some of the clients of Nitaro are Marco Polo Hotels, Bookaway, Acne Studios, Inoue Public Relations, and Medidata.  

  • Website –
  • Location – Seoul, Yongsangu, Cheongparo


  1. Pen Paper and Plot – 

Pen, Paper and Plot is the first agency for social media marketing in Korea. It was also the very first company to be certified by Zapier as an expert. Their services include integration, social media marketing, email marketing and Content marketing, SEO, SMS automation through messengers like Slack and CRO. They can also check the traffic inflow.

The strength and speciality of Pen, Paper and Plot is that they have automatic sales funnels with properly structured automated SMS and Email. 

  • Website –
  • Location – Yongsan-gu, Seoul


  1. TK101 – 

TK101 is one of the top 25 social media marketing agencies in South Korea. It is also a global advertising agency and is spread throughout the world. 

Their services include global advertisement though online mediums, SNS Advertising, viral marketing, video advertising, Brand website SEO, SEO marketing, Baidu SEO marketing, cost per click, social media marketing, Brand localisation and marketing solutions. Some of their clients include Kose, Labiotte, Skin Food amongst various others. 

  • Website –
  • Location – (Dogok-Dong), Gangnum-Gu, Seoul


  1. Asiance

Asiance is another agency which offers social media marketing in South Korea. They partner up with their brands and businesses by offering strategies that make sure to leave a mark in the foundation of those companies. 

Their services include web development management and multi-channel based interactive marketing. They come with some innovative and unique strategies. They mostly work with fashion brands like Dior, Channel, Lacoste and Gucci. Asiance is the Silver Prize winner of the Korean Digital Agency of the year 2019 and also the Japan/Korea Independent Agency of the Year 2019. Thus, they deserve to be in the list of top 25 social media marketing agencies in South Korea.

  • Website –
  • Location – Jeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul


  1. Blue Orange Communications

Another one of the top 25 social media marketing agencies in South Korea is the Blue Orange Communication. They have been in the social media marketing industry for six years now. They started in 2014.

Blue Orange Communications is one of the most innovative social media marketing in South Korea. They come with strategies which re efficient, a top notch creative team, and also a data driven methodology. They specialise in display ads, PPC and social media design. 

  • Website –
  • Location – Seoul, South Korea


  1. Qualitative Marketing Research

Qualitative Market Research in Korea is a company that has more than twenty-five years of experience. They provide their clients with a full marketing service package. 

Their services include in-depth interviews, group discussions, in-home interviews, digital bulletin boards, online FDG, Dyads, and HUT/CUT. They have worked with some of the global brands that include McDonalds, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, VISA, Master card, Google, Starbucks coffee amongst various others. 

  • Website –
  • Location – Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


  1. The SMC

SMC Group is a Korean Marketing agency which has provided their service to more than a hundred clients. Also, their digital marketing projects are worth more than a hundred million dollars. 

They specialise in the services of mobile video production, digital campaigns and overseas advertising strategies. You should contact them, if you are in need of planning and consulting for content production. Their clients include Lotte Mart, Mediheal, Samsung and many more.

  • Website –
  • Location – Gangnam-gu, Seoul


  1. Comma Entertainment

Comma Entertainment is one of the best creative marketing agencies in South Korea. Their services are digital and creative marketing, BTL and ATL marketing, and content production. 

Some of their clients are HiteJinro, LG Fashion and Samsung. Their social media marketing services are not only bounded in Asia, but also to Russian, US and Middle East.

  • Website –
  • Location –  Gangnam-gu, Seoul


  1. Post Visual

Post Visual is a social media marketing agency which works with the rising VR technologies. They use VR technologies which create an impact on the minds of the viewers, and this is what makes them unique.

They mostly choose to work for the Korean cosmetics companies. In 2018, Post Visual had worked for Nike Korea and it was one of their most successful campaigns. 

  • Website –
  • Location – Mapo-gu, Seoul 


  1. G3 Partners

G3 Partners is another company which has made its place in the top 25 social media marketing agencies in South Korea. They have designers, storytellers, and videographers working for them. They have made it their mission to help new businesses grow in Korea. 

Their specialities are marketing strategies, digital marketing, market research, branding, social media marketing, video production and advertisements. Thus, most of the Korean start-ups choose to go to G3 Partners to look after their social media marketing management.

  • Website –
  • Location – Jung-gu, Seoul, S. Korea


  1. Doyel Dane Bernbach

Doyel Dane Bernbach, or the DDB Group is one of the best social media marketing agencies in Korea.

The speciality of this group is advertisement, design, strategy and planning. They have a growing international client base and some of their clients include LG, 3M, Lego, Johnson & Johnson, amongst various others.

  • Website –
  • Location –  Gangnam-gu, Seoul


  1. PR One

PR One is the top social media marketing agencies in Korea. They have helped more than two hundred and twenty brands to establish their business. They have been in the business since the year 2006, with an experience of 14 years.

The services provided by this agency includes PR Consulting, risk and crisis management, media relations, sales promotions, PPL advertisements, online and offline campaign, social media marketing and laboratory and public affair.

  • Website –
  • Location – Seoul Seodaemun Chungjeongro


  1. MNCS Contextual Marketing Company

MNSC Contextual Marketing Company is one of the best social marketing agencies in Korea. Their services include SEM and SEO for Google and other local search engines, social media marketing, online advertising, retargeting, Guaranteed press release, data analysis, app development, web design and development, video marketing, content management, marketing consultant, Business intelligence, promotional gifts and planning of promotional events and management.

The agency offers data driven marketing with research. They offer exceptional, cost effective solutions with relevant business support. They mostly prefer working with multi-national compaies.

  • Website –
  • Location – Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul


  1. Dentsu Korea

The headquarters of Dentsu is actually located in Japan and currently ranks fifth among the largest advertising agencies in the world. Therefore, Dentsu Korea has access to the 45,000 professionals spread amongst the 143 countries.

Their services include consumer research, market trend analysis and consumer insight analysis. These are some of their specialities. Apart from that, their services also include brand analysis and strategy, CI/BI, PDCA Design, and integrated marketing.

  • Website –
  • Location – Gangnam-gu, Seoul


  1. JnJ Interactive Global Digital Marketing Success Partner

JnJ Interactive Global Digital Marketing Success Partner is one of the top 25 social media marketing agencies in South Korea. Their services include providing their clients with creative solutions, media planning and media operations, data analysis, performance marketing and exclusive media optimisation. 

JnJ Interactive Global Digital Marketing Success Partner has worked with some of the large business companies in Korea, including LG, Samsung and also Hyundai. They also follow trend reports, thus understanding properly the trends of advertising in South Korea

  • Website –
  • Location – Gangnam-gu, Seoul


  1. Neodigm

Neodigm is considered as the best social media in South Korea. They provide their clients with market solutions so that they can achieve their targets and goals. 

Their services include arranging exhibitions, seminars or webinars, conferences, email marketing, social media marketing, search and display advertisement, social media advertisement, website and blog planner, personalized marketing and data analytics. 

  • Website –
  • Location – Seocho-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul


  1. Handsome Fish

Another agency that provides their clients with the best digital marketing in Korea is Handsome Fish. It is a web agency that works with specialised global companies as well as start-ups. 

Their services include website creation, motion graphics, digital branding, interactive film making, online advertisement, management consulting, marketing consulting, digital media context, CF Production, and also overseas marketing strategies. Some of their clients include Goldman Sachs, Target, Missoni, Prada, Sony, Cisco, KBS, Ashford University, et cetera.

  • Website –
  • Location – Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


  1. Affluence Public Relations

Affluence Public Relations is one of the top 25 social media marketing agencies in South Korea. They work for any retail establishments including brand name stores, themed restaurants, boutiques, bars, bistros and flag ship outlets. Their services include public relation strategies, press release writings, corporate communications, media relation building, crisis management, social media content writing and campaign development, engaging the correct influencer, getting media awareness, social media strategies and a lot more.

Their clients include Asian Festival of 1st Films, Yellow, Royal Selangor, Risis, District 10 bar and restaurant, Bonifacio, Espire, Getaway and also Azimuth. Some of the awards won by them are Singapore Health Award, Singapore Business Award and Business Management Excellence Award 2017.

  • Website –
  • Location – Mapo-gu, Seoul


  1. Group M  –

Group M is a top South Korean Marketing Agency. They have a principle, and their belief is that their win is in the victory of the client.

Their strategies include investment in the media, guiding brand safety and taking the steps based on their data assimilated. They provide Digital advertising as well. Their clients include Mindshare, Wavemaker, essence, M/Six, and MediaCom. 

  • Website –
  • Location – Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea


  1. Daehong  –

If you are looking for one of the top 25 social media marketing agencies in South Korea, then Daehong is the place for you. Their services include global marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and video marketing.

The company has won some awards like Korea Advertising Awards, Epi Award Korea, Good Advertising Awards Chosen, Seoul Video Advertising Festival, Advertising of the year and also the Korea PR Awards. Apart from that, this company has also won a lot of global awards likeAD Stars Award, Spikes Asia Award, Astrid Award, Mercury Award, London International Award, Red Dot Design Award, IBA Stevie awards and a lot more. 

  • Website –
  • Location – SejongDaero, Seol


  1. Innocean

Another digital marketing agency in Korea is an agency called Innocean. It is a growing marketing agency with over 19 operations that are running overseas and more than two thousand employees working for them. It is one such company which puts in there complete efforts to get results for their clients.

Their services include social media marketing, advertisements, video marketing amongst various others. They have also earned themselves quite a few awards including Korea Advertising Awards: Grand Prix, Korea Advertising Award: Gold, International Design Excellence Awards, CLIO: Silver, Spikes Asia: Silver, Red Dot Design Award and a lot more.  

  • Website –
  • Location – Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea


  1. Galaxia SM

Galaxia SM is the last one to have found its way in the list of top 25 social media marketing agencies in South Korea. It is a sport marketing and advertising agency in South Korea. It is also the largest sports marketing and Advertisement Company in Korea and has a few mentionable assets in SM Entertainment.

Their main aim is to merge entertainment with sports. They use a term to refer this and it is called sportainment. This company also sells sports merchandise and sponsors global sports events. As an advertising agency, they also hold events and exhibitions. They do content marketing as well. They have merged and worked with many famous sports stars in Korea.  One of them is the MLB star athlete- Choo Shin-Soo.

  • Website –
  • Location – Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul


Conclusion – 

These are the top 25 social media marketing agencies in South Korea. They are all experts in their fields. You can check their websites to know more about them.


Top 10 Facebook Training Institutes in India

Top 10 Facebook Training Institutes in India

India has more than 300 million active Facebook users. It is a powerful platform for marketing that can help you to generate huge profits online. Although, it is only possible if you get guidance from some right expert or Institute who has enough experience in understanding the market value of Facebook. Among youths, unemployment has always been a big issue in India. So, choosing the appropriate Facebook training course can give you some idea about the marketing and income making strategy. This list of the top 10 Facebook Training Institutes in India can guide you to develop complete skills of a social media marketer.

Job opportunities after taking a Facebook course in India:

Facebook is an open-source of marketing. Hence, after the completion of these courses, users can help their clients promote their products online via Facebook ads. Companies also hire Facebook ads expert for promoting their business online. Job seekers can also get an idea of making money from Facebook video monetization. Even they can help to run solo ads on Facebook pages for promoting affiliate products. There are many more jobs available like social media managers, marketing consultants, brand builder and more. After grabbing proper skills from a good institute, it becomes easy for anyone to build a strong portfolio and get a job quickly on a freelancing website.


Top 10 Facebook Training Institutes in India:


  • BrandVeda, Ahemdabad

Brandveda is the best digital marketing hub which offers facebook course in Ahemdabad. It has trained more than 50,000 students till now and has more than 55 placement partners India. The Institute claims to have placed 1000+ students’ digital sector and thus, stands as the top digital marketing institute in ahmedabad. The curriculum is made by a digital marketing expert who has an experience of 17+ years in the field. 

They offer live tools learning program which can make you an expert of Facebook. This can also speed up the learning procedure within few months of training. They provide adequate knowledge regarding social media courses in Ahmedabad, India. Meanwhile, they also prepare students for interviews in the digital program. The learning procedure includes PPT, assignments, videos, quizzes, and more. 

Address: Sahajanand Arcade, 413, nr. Helmet Circle, Ahmedabad


  • AIDM (Asian Institute of Digital marketing), New Delhi

AIDM offers the best Facebook marketing courses in Delhi. The website claims to bring value to the students by providing teaching programs from experienced faculties. Earlier, they were running social media marketing agency in India but, looking at the demand for Facebook in the marketing sectors, they have started training as well. Students can perform live practical sessions and take the experience of promoting business, targeting the audience, running paid advertisements, and innovating different marketing strategies.

 After completing the Facebook marketing course, the students can enroll for social managing jobs or utilize the skill in growing the business in local and national sectors. Many students have grabbed big success by building and promoting brands after taking the course. AIDM also offers a free demo class to get an overall idea about the teaching environment.

  • Address: AIDM Training & Development A-13, Mohan Park, Laxmi Nagar Delhi – 110092
  • Website:
  • Proideators digital marketing institute Mumbai, Andheri

Proideators offers both online and classroom training programs for Facebook marketing course. It upgrades the practices looking into the current application of marketing on the web. They give proper training to increase sales, finding new customers and generate leads for the business. They also teach the trending strategies of the market.

 Students can download the information brochure by filing a request in a website form. The syllabus is different for every individual course. Interested candidates can download the syllabus to be sure about what skill they are providing before opting for the Facebook marketing course. They help the students in running campaigns, dealing with new customers, maintaining the Facebook shop, etc. They also guide to operate the Facebook Automation Tool based on the new techniques. The discussion support is open 24×7 for clearing doubts and queries.

  • Address: Pitru Chhaya CHS Ltd, Office no 7, 2nd Floor, R. S. Road, Chandani, Station Rd, Thane West, Maharashtra – 400601, (Near Datta Mandir, Behind Ashok Talkies)
  • Website:
  • AORTA – Digital Marketing Training, Chennai

AORTA is an effective platform to learn Facebook marketing in Chennai. The Institute aims to provide the latest marketing strategies to grow any business via Facebook. It offers many courses on digital marketing and social media marketing. It is one of the best facebook training institute in India because it is run by expert programmers who have enough experience in working with leading web industries. Students can start from zero knowledge and head towards learning new prospects of marketing on Facebook.

The Institute guides the students in growing business on Facebook both in paid and organic ways. It also has a feedback section at the end of the week, where the students can send request about the improvement. They provide training programs for brand awareness, lead generation, and sales grabbing tricks. Live training sessions will help the students to understand the marketing competition of Facebook. Students here can learn to generate profit by running ad campaigns, improving traffic, and citing a targeted audience for their service using sales funnel techniques.

  • Address: Aorta Digital Services, 3/28, 5th Main road, Vijaya Nagar, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu- 600042
  • Website:
  • Karmik Institute, Kolkata

Karmik is amongst the most settled digital marketing institutes in Kolkata. It can be an option for those who are interested in taking Facebook training programs. The students must have passed 10+2 for taking the admission into Karmik institute. The duration of the course ranges from 3 months to 1.5 years, depending on the type of skill. 

Students in Karmik, are given a chance to handle international projects to build their experience. They can get an idea about ad budgeting and designing after opting for the Facebook course. In the end, Facebook certificate is given as professional pass out from the institute. Live projects and assignments are also provided to test the working capabilities of the students. Their website has a live chat option in the right bottom corner to resolve queries related to the admission procedure. The institute also offers a free demo class for new students to get an idea about the training system.

  • Address: 116A, Purbalok ( Premises No: 1118 ) Street No: 6th, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700099, India
  • Website:


  • Inventateq, Bangalore

Inventateq delegates to guide students to explore more about Facebook marketing. The Institute directs to increase sales, brand building, and promote a website on Facebook. Students can excellently utilize this platform to grow any online business online. They work under the assistance of expert marketers and learn to maintain the projects. 

The Institute manages many projects from small to large scale. Students are also given a chance to be a part of the project for building the portfolio. The Institute also offers discounts on facebook course in India on various occasions. It has many branches across India to provide a comfortable experience of learning.

  • Address: No. 45, 3rd Floor, Marathahalli, From Marathalli Bridge towards Old Airport, Next to Axis Bank, Above Federal Bank, Bangalore – 37
  • Website:
  • PIIDM, Pune

PIIDM provides many digital marketing and programming courses. Users can download the website’s syllabus to check what new skills they can offer after joining the course. In Facebook marketing courses, they teach the strategy of promotion based upon the different levels of advertisement. After availing of the course, students can opt for interviews on a freelancing website and quickly get jobs. Students are given useful guides to learn the objectives and consequences before investing on Facebook ads. 

The Institute is full of expert social media marketers who have gained enough experience working with big brands. Interested users can navigate to the contact us section on the website and enroll for a demo class before taking admission in the Institute. The notification regarding taking admission to new batches comes out on the website every few months. The Institute also claims to provide 100% placements to students. The website also has a separate section for the inquiry of facebook marketing course fees and other institute details. PIIDM also offers live chat support to resolve all the queries in your mind.

  • Address: 404, Shivank Building, Apte Road, Opt Venus FC Road, Deccan, Pune, Maharashtra 411004
  • Website:
  • Crazyonweb, Indore

Crazyonweb institute is running in Indore since 2010. It is among the leading Institute in providing digital marketing course in the location. It is certified by CCERT, and is also the most recommend Institute from by digital marketing professionals in Indore. Crazyonweb zone has also been featured on the news many times because of its excellence in education.

 The training approach is 100% practical with 100% guaranteed placement. They provide free tools like website development and hosting for promoting them on social platforms. Users can take advantage of study materials, ebooks, and notes to explore their skills in depth. Many guest speakers from the Digital Marketing Companies in India also visit the Institute to motivate the students. The Institute runs around four batches a day and classes on weekends.

  • Address: FH 247, Opposite Meghdoot Garden, Scheme 54 PU4, Indore, (M.P.) 452001, India
  • Website:
  • DMguru, Gurugram

It is one of the best digital marketing course providers in Gurugram. They are very clear with the pricing of their courses. Users can directly get an idea about pricing in the first visit to their website. They offer many digital courses. Facebook training comes under social media marketing courses. DMguru charges approx Rs 14,000 to train students for Facebook marketing. They have separate modules for each course. 

The details about the topics to be covered are available in the module. Students can request a syllabus from the contact us section to get an idea about the course topic. The modules are revised, looking into the latest strategy of marketing on social media. The facebook courses for beginners comes with basic practical knowledge like creating Facebook pages & groups, branding of pages to brush up the concepts. Later they move towards advanced modules like maintaining page insights, posts, customization of ads, and more. Marketing experts from their practical experiments prepare the modules. They have described their modules clearly to get a good idea 

  • Address: 130, JMD Megapolis, Sohna Road Sector 48 Gurugram, Haryana 122001
  • Website:
  • Digitalkal, Gwalior

The Institute doesn’t have any particular program for Facebook marking. However, it is included inside the certification of social media marketing. Digitalkal is the most trusted facebook training institute in India. It offers 100% placement to the students after their certification. They teach which type of content to share on social media for boosting sales. The faculty is an expert and thus, they are very well aware of the types of content that work on this social media marketing channel. 

Their guidance to the students can help them to understand internet marketing. The students can also work to build their brand and promote their product online from the first day. They offer the most necessary tools to run experiments on social media and understand the strategy to promote clients’ businesses. There is no lack of job opportunities, as they are already dealing with multiple branding companies. The Institute has many branches in different cities to provide the latest skills of the digital world.

  • Address: SCF 138 First Floor, Sector.37, Main Huda Market Faridabad 121003
  • Website:


The rapid growth of internet users in the last five years has changed the total strategy of marketing. Business brands are getting higher day by day. In such cases, a skill like Facebook marketing doesn’t only help an individual get a degree, but also provides profits by connecting with many people. The career & scope in digital marketing is very high. Even small business persons are also looking for a marketing guide to take their business online and bring more sales. These top 10 Facebook training Institutes in India can help you provide training programs to scale your knowledge in the digital marketing industry.

Top 10 LinkedIn Training Institutes in India

Top 10 LinkedIn Training Institutes in India

Top 10 LinkedIn Training Institutes in India

Social media is the place where people spend a lot of time surfing through all the new ideas, memes and advertisements. They also use it to network with various people from different industries. Therefore, marketing your product on the various social media platforms will be a beneficial activity. LinkedIn is one such social media platform which is mostly used for business purposes. 

Top 10 LinkedIn Training Institutions in India – 

LinkedIn has slowly grown to be one of the most important platforms for B2B companies and marketers. Knowing the strategies of LinkedIn will help companies to establish themselves properly on the platform and get the growth they are aiming for. To properly help you to learn these strategies, we have collected top 10 LinkedIn training institutes in India.


  1. Brandveda in Ahmedabad – 

Brandveda is the institute which provides the best LinkedIn Course in Ahmedabad. The institute was established in 2014. From then till now, it has grown to be the leading digital marketing training institution in India. The courses they provide are endorsed and validated all around the world. They have affordable prices and hence, they offer numerous courses. 

The classes they hold are highly interactive and are taken by professionals. They also have professional LinkedIn courses. The students are given a LinkedIn automation tools training which includes LeadFuze, Leadfeeder, ProTop, Dux-Soup, Crystal, By Followers Guide, IFTTT, LeadGrabber Pro, InBoard Pro and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The students can earn certificates based on their learning of Social media marketing and digital marketing. The institution also promises job placement assistance to its students.


  • Compufield in Mumbai – 

They do not have a separate LinkedIn course but, the module is included with social media marketing course. The institute falls under the top LinkedIn training institutes in India. Their main aim is to teach people, empower them, and turn them into dynamic leaders. 

The LinkedIn module includes topics like creating an impactful profile, learning to use LinkedIn effectively and creation of company page for a business. In addition to that, they also teach you the LinkedIn tools and LinkedIn Ads.


  1. DSIM in Gurgaon – 

A LinkedIn training certificate is valuable enough to get you a job in any company that you like. One of the top LinkedIn training institutes in India is the DSIM in Gurgaon. This institute provides the best training on the tools and advertisements of LinkedIn. This institute does not have a separate course for LinkedIn. However, it teaches you an intensive module on the platform in their digital marketing course. 

It is one of the most recognised institutions in the city and, it provides training that is focused on LinkedIn ads. This training will help you in understanding the opportunities for advertisement on the platform. Some of the topics covered here are text ads, PPC versus PPM and better ways of targeting the new audience. This course helps in learning proficient strategies that are required to become B2B leaders. 


  • Weltec in Vadodara – 

Weltec in Vadodara provides its students with one of the best digital marketing courses in India. The courses here are job oriented and based on practical training. It is extremely helpful for all of the professionals as well as freshers to start in the field of digital marketing. They have some expert mentors and innovative web courses to inspire the students. The course here covers search engine optimisation, social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing and Google analytics. 

The benefits of the LinkedIn course here include a lab manual, students guide, and a USB flash drive. The faculty of this institute has spent a lot of time in the industry and are totally experienced. Apart from that, the students get certificates after the completion of their courses. The batches and timing is made flexible to give the students complete support. There is no different fee for registration or cancellation. Also, there are workshops and seminars held by the experts in the industry. The place has a fabulous infrastructure and also provides assistance in placement.


  • DizitalSquare in Bhubaneswar – 

One of the best LinkedIn course in India is provided by the institution called DizitalSquare. It can easily be considered amongst the best LinkedIn training institute in India. It is recommended by IIT Bhubaneswar. The syllabus contains 7 modules and more than 50 sub modules. Some of the things taught here are – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), blogging and web designing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEM), Affiliate market (like Flipkart and Amazon), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Google Analytics and Adsense and finally, SMS, email and whatsapp marketing. 

By finishing this course here, you will learn a lot about LinkedIn. They teach the different content strategies to post on LinkedIn. They also teach the various tool required to network on LinkiedIn. Apart from that, you will learn to optimise your profile, create cover banners and set up a business page. In addition, the course also teaches about Instagram, Facebook and more. The institution is much loved and looked upon as it has kept a very high quality of education. 


  • Tops Technologies in Rajkot – 

Tops Technologies in Rajkot deals with bringing in the industry experts to teach how to work with live client projects, the constantly developing social media communication channels, Google analytics and also search engine optimisation.  This course will help you in getting a grip over the latest technologies in social media marketing while leading you to get reputable jobs in big organisations.

 The course will help the students to gain practical and industrial knowledge. The social media marketing course in this institution contains a module on LinkedIn training. This makes the students informed about the largest professional social media network. The Tops Technologies have trained more than ten thousand students till now, helping them to get a job of their choice in a company of their choice.


  • iClass in Pondicherry – 

The institute called iClass in Pondicherry helps their students in an effective way which enables them to find a job easily based on social media marketing. They provide basic as well as professional courses. The classes here are conducted, both in classrooms and online. 

The trainers are certified and experts in their own fields. If you want to transfer from classrooms to online classes, there is no additional fee required. Apart from that, the LinkedIn course fee in India is also very affordable. LinkedIn is a part of the module of the course here. These people also teach proper marketing and advertising strategies for Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Google as well.


  • Simply Digital in Delhi – 

Simply digital is an institution that provides social media marketing courses in India. It teaches not only marketing for social networks but, also has a completely different course focused only on LinkedIn. The institution has more than 467 million users. The institution was launched in the year 2003 and has grown to be quite a well-known institution. 

The success of this institution in India is extremely well with more than 35 million users. The module here helps you to understand the difference between individual profiles and companies. It teaches you why marketing via LinkedIn is different and what you need to know to attain the best results in here. You will learn how to properly use the LinkedIn groups and how to increase the ROI. 


  • Skills Nurture in Gandhinagar – 

With the availability of internet across the world, social media channels have become one of the easiest medium to reach people everywhere. As a result of this, the institute provides courses on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Thus, it is important to invest in such a course. Their courses are suitable for students, professionals, business owners and house wives. 

Skills Nurture in Gandhinagar is one such institute which teaches you everything you need to know about digital and social media marketing. It will teach you in driving more audience to your website. Some of the basic things that this institution includes is identifying the targeted audience, creating your objectives wisely, creating a strategy, to make posts and be regular while sharing them, knowing everything you need to know about the paid and unpaid tools, tracking your competitors, identify the links you want to share, and finally, being sure of the kind of message you want to send to your viewers. These are the things a social media marketing course will teach you. With the help of a LinkedIn training certificate from here, you can easily find a good job somewhere you like. 


  • FITA in Chennai – 

The last one in the list is the institution called FITA Training. It is located in Chennai. This course teaches you the proper ways of building and implementing marketing strategies on LinkedIn. They focus on a content plan that will be effective on the platform. There are social media marketing professionals here who are experts in their work and thus, they will teach you the best ways of networking on LinkedIn. 

FITA has effectively planned modules for social media marketing. The industry experts have made this module for the most used social media websites in order to help the freshers. The sessions here are interactive and there are regular brush-ups on what was done in the previous classes.


Reasons why LinkedIn Marketing in Important – 

A few of the reasons why LinkedIn Marketing is important for your business are – 

  • For the B2B companies, LinkedIn have constantly proven to be more important that Facebook. Hence, the B2B companies have now prioritised marketing on LinkedIn over Facebook, making it extremely important.  
  • The most popular social media network amongst the employees as well as business owners is LinkedIn. It ranks third in the list of the most used social media networks by business owners. This marks how much LinkedIn is gaining popularity as time goes on, and how most of the people are choosing LinkedIn as their top platform for digital marketing. 
  • Linked has established itself as one of the best platforms for the lead generations. A lot of studies have been made and most of them show that LinkedIn referral had the highest and the best visitor to lead rate when compared to the different social networking websites. These numbers are much higher than twitter and Facebook. Even if the number changes, LinkedIn will still remain one such website which generates more and more leads for the businesses which are in the B2B domain. 
  • It is an already established fact that LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways of distributing content professionally. LinkedIn is the only social platform where you can establish your brand as a leader in the industry. This network allows you to join multiple groups and network with the key influencers and personalities related to your industry. It will help you in strategically positioning yourself as an influencer in the industry. Thus, you will be able to strengthen your position amongst them.
  • LinkedIn does not only help in creating a strong online presence. It also helps you to enhance your face-to-face relationships.
  • Another helpful fact about LinkedIn is that, it offers increased visibility to your brand. If the page of your company in LinkedIn is well optimised, your visibility will increase a lot and help your company in various ways.


Conclusion – 

With proper LinkedIn and other social media training, getting a job in the industry will become a lot easier for you. There social media marketing agency in India and digital marketing agencies in India are constantly looking for professionals who are certified. Hence, you should opt for one of the courses and attain mastery in one or two social media platforms.

Also, these social media marketing courses in India come at a much affordable cost, making it easy for you to learn them, if necessary. Always choose an institute that offers you a certification. 

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Institutes in London

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Institutes in London

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Institutes in London

Social media is such a humungous platform in today’s world that more than 2 billion people

across the world are using various networks, and as the usage of devices surges, this number

will only keep growing. Social media marketing is not only inexpensive but, also provides

businesses with an opportunity to each tell their own stories and engage with customers like

never before. Social media marketing entails using social media platforms such as YouTube,

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn to connect with people to build

brands and strategically increase sales by getting website traffic.

This is the major reason that a lot of institutes are offering affordable digital marketing courses

in the market. This is because there is an increased demand for skilled professionals in the field.

Social media marketing course and its perks are undoubtedly at a peak. The course has a lot to offer and so does the industry. From content creation to management, social media marketing has a place for everyone.

To grab these numerous opportunities, it is important to pick the perfect social media course. If you’re someone who lives abroad but is comfortable with learning online then Brandveda’s Social Media Course is the one you should definitely opt for.

The blog is written by one of the leading digital marketing institutes in Gujarat, Brandveda.

Brandveda is known for its excellent course curriculum and hands-on experience approach towards their training. If you are looking to become a social media manager in the field, then look at the best

universities for social media marketing UK.

These are some of the career paths you can choose after studying social media marketing:

  • Community management
  • Marketing Generalist
  • Content marketing
  • Creative design
  • Social media consulting
  • Data analysis or market research
  • Brand strategy
  • Leading a social team


London has an ocean of digital marketing courses to accommodate every schedule and budget.

Here’s a list of the top 10 social media marketing institutes in London.

Top 10 social media marketing institutes in London

1) University Of West London

This university has a heritage of over 150 years of teaching professional education. It is one of

the best universities for social media marketing in the UK. 98% of the students who graduated

from here are employed. It is ranked 34 in the UK now. 50% of the world’s top 300 companies have

headquarters within 15 miles radius of the campus. They offer an undergraduate course of B.SC

(Hons.) in Marketing and social media with lifelong career support.

It is full-time course which lasts for three years. You can also opt for this course with a

foundation year and, in that case, your will be a duration of 4 years. The foundation year equips


you with the knowledge required to continue with your honors’ degree and, upon successful

completion of the foundation year you progress straight into Level 4 of this course. The

A prerequisite for international students is IELTS with a 5.5 or above score. Further study can also

be undertaken, such as: Marketing International Marketing Digital Marketing.


Address: St Mary’s Road, Ealing, London, W5 5RF, England



 2) University of Westminster

This university started 180 years ago as the first polytechnic in London. They have over 183

industry partners who provide placement and work experience to the students. This makes it

one of the best social media marketing institutes in London.

They offer a postgraduate course in Social media and digital communication with options of full-time and part-time with a duration of 1 year and 2 years respectively. The eligibility criteria is a 3

year of bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with a minimum overall of 55% or CGPA

of 6.0 out of 10.0. The University of Westminster has over 900 alumni based in India.

Address: 309 Regent St, W1B 2HW London, United Kingdom



 3) London Marketing Academy

This academy offers short and affordable digital marketing courses. Their courses have a very

precise and clear structure and they teach with case studies and practical exercises. They only

take a limited number of enrollments in one class, so it allows for individual attention. The tutors

at this academy are practitioners in the field of digital marketing.

They have a variety of short courses which work as an amazing add-on to your undergraduate

degree course. One of which is the Social media and FB Ads course. This course equips you with

hands-on experience and practice in campaigning and communication through social media.

After the completion of the course, you will have a more thorough understanding of your target

audience and how to convert visitors into buyers. You will also receive a certificate of

acknowledgment after completing the course. You have the flexibility to opt for classroom

training and online classes.


Address: 158 Tudor Road, Hackney, London E9 7RZ, United Kingdom



 4) Simplilearn

Simplilearn is one of the most well-renowned certification providers in the world. They have

more than 40 global organizations’ recognition for being an official provider of vocational

training. They have also been named the 8 the most influential brand in the world by LinkedIn.

Their courses are designed by over 2000 experts in the industry.

Their combination of learning has online classes, live virtual classrooms with tutors, project

work and round-the-clock teaching assistance. The social media marketing online course in

London is designed to build expertise through extensive project experience including strategy,

reputation management, influencer marketing, web analytics, and content marketing. They

offer online digital marketing courses in India as well. The course duration is 65 hours. You will

have lifelong access to self-paced learning and, part of your learning will include 25+ real-life

industry-based projects.


Address: Kemp House, 152 – 160 city road, London EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom



 5) LSDM (London School of digital marketing)

This is one of the best social media marketing institutes in London. They have Google, Twitter,

Facebook, Microsoft, and LinkedIn as their syllabus advisory council. Their professional diploma in

digital marketing is the only course approved and credit rated by professional education

governing bodies.

The instructors possess unparallel industry backgrounds. The professional Diploma in digital

marketing has 2 modules on social media marketing. Module 1 covers goal setting and priorities

for social media campaigns while exploring a wide range of major social media platforms such

as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and periscope. Module 2 teaches implementing an

effective social media strategy using paid advertising options within every social network.


Address: 516 West Carriage House, Royal carriage mews, London SE18 6GB, United





EDGTL is a digital marketing school as well as a Digital marketing consultant services agency.

They offer one of the most innovative social media marketing courses in London. Their course

has 2 parts, beginner and advanced. Topics covered in the course include key concepts of social

media, third-party apps for Instagram, Facebook and Instagram advertising types, Ad

management, Analytics and targeting.

Address: 71-75 Shelton St, London WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom



 7) SocialB

Established in 2008, SocialB is an accredited Google partner agency with high profile clients like

Aston Martin. This makes them one of the top social media agencies in the UK. The agency offers

courses as well. Their courses are online and, they provide a lot of social media courses such as

campaign planning for social media, social media beginners, and advanced training.

The institute is well known for teaching practical concepts. They are aware of the skills required

by the market as they are working with global brands.

Address: 70 Gracechurch St, London, EC3V 0HR, United Kingdom



 8) London College of Communication

London College of communication is one of the 6 colleges that the University of Arts London is

made of. The university and university alumni have won many prestigious awards. It was

recently ranked 15 in the UK for industry connections. They have an Alumni association of over

200,000 members.

This college offers an online short course on social media marketing with a duration of 4 weeks

for beginners. It introduces you to key digital marketing knowledge about copyright and social

media policies, in addition to strategy and campaigns. The course is online and it includes live

online sessions with professional tutors. Apart from that, the institute offers lesson

recordings, access to VLE with course content, forums for support, and 2 weeks of online access to

the course.

Address: Elephant & Castle, London SE1, United Kingdom



 9) IDM (Institute of Data and Marketing)

IDM is a part of the data and marketing associated with a well-designed syllabus. They offer

short courses such as Social media marketing. This social media marketing course in London

offers strategy, tools, and tactics.

The course program consists of an introduction to social media and engagement, developing a

social media strategy, setting objectives and KPIs, social listening, identifying influencers,

selecting a social platform, building a content strategy, and implementing a plan by optimizing

your social media campaign. They also have other courses like Influencer Marketing and

Copywriting for social media and blogs.


Address: DMA House, 70 Margaret St, London W1W 8SS, United Kingdom



 10) City Lit

City Lit is one of the leading destinations for daytime, evening, and weekend courses. They offer

both online and offline courses, across a huge range of 5000 courses every year.

They offer an array of short courses on social media marketing which includes Twitter for

business, Facebook for business, social media apps, tips and tricks, introduction to social media

data analytics, social media for visual artists, social media advertising, and more.


Address: Keeley St, Covent Garde, London WC2B 4BA, United Kingdom




Social Media Marketing is an integral part of any marketing strategy. It consists of upcoming

trends such as live videos, augmented reality, and Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots. All of

these things are here to change the future of social media marketing and the possibilities of

building a career in it have no bounds.

The UK is one of the leading countries in the field of digital marketing has more than 250,000

agencies. In India in the year 2011, there were only 50 Digital marketing agencies and now,

there are more than 700 of them. Most of the best Digital marketing companies in India are

headquartered in Mumbai. The demand for social media agencies has skyrocketed and this

demand will continue to rise especially because people are turning to virtual platforms.


Ahmedabad is nothing less than a hot cake when it comes to various kinds of opportunities that social media marketing agencies have. With various brands trying their best to make themselves exclusive on social media, there are these social media marketing agencies in Ahmedabad that help them with their brand presence online. Ahmedabad boasts of quite a number of social media marketing agencies that provide an extra edge to your brands with the help of various strategies and plans to ensure that your digital presence is nothing less than remarkable. Keeping that in mind, if you want to take your brand to a next level and ensure that you start generating ROI through digital platforms, then look no beyond these social media marketing agencies in Ahmedabad

Here are the 10 Top Social Media Marketing Agencies in Ahmedabad, India

  • ClickBIG: ClickBig is a sister concern of Ahmedabad’s top digital marketing institute that is headed by Saurabh Pandey who also heads ClickBig. Being in the digital sphere for more than 10 years, the team at ClickBig makes the most of their experience and creativity to provide your brands with social media campaigns that will not only create stir with the campaigns but also help generate ROI. Right from providing social media content creation and postings to social media marketing, ClickBig has you covered.  Some of the most notable clients that ClickBig has worked with include SG, Incredible India, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Mahindra, HDFC Bank etc.
  • Socialee: Socialee makes the most of the words that they live by i.e Create, Connect and Converse. This social media agency in Ahmedabad provides you with the best of Social Media Management, Social Media Ad Management and Social Media Strategy that helps with your brand’s online presence. Some of the brands that they have worked with include Tea Post, B4U, Shringar etc.
  • Aone SEO Service: AONE SEO SERVICE helps your brand by providing the best of social media solutions to take your brand’s presence to a different level. By infusing innovation into a brand’s soul, this social media agency in Ahmedabad helps a brand with all kinds of social media solutions right from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube to Twitter Marketing. Some of the most notable clients that they have worked with includes Kitchen Therapy, Azafran, Ambica etc.
  • Zero Gravity Communication: Zero Gravity Communications is one of the most reputed social media marketing agency of Ahmedabad providing to its clients with the best of social media strategy that drives their target audience and consumer behaviour to provide social media campaigns that are beneficial for the brands in many ways. Going forward with a story-telling approach, the clients they have worked with are Anant National University, Little Wings, Pranuts, Troikaa, The Blue Oven etc.
  • CompuBrain: CompuBrain is another leading social media marketing agency in Ahmedabad that offers the best social media marketing services. Right from ideation to execution and implementation, CompuBrain has you covered if you are looking for a social media agency in Ahmedabad. Right from Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Youtube Marketing, Twitter Marketing to LinkedIn Marketing, CompuBrain gives you an edge over other brands with its services. 
  • BonoBoz: One of the most renowned social media marketing agencies in Ahmedabad, Bonoboz, with its social media marketing services helps the customers in making the most of the social media channels. With the help of their tailored ads, creative visual team and social media optimization, they help you take your brand to a different level. Some of the clients that Bonoboz has worked with include Radisson Blu, Select City Walk, Havmor, Huber and Holly, Hocco Eatery, IIM Ahmedabad, Ogilvy etc.
  • Tej SolPro: Offering you with the best of interesting and engaging visual content, Tej SolPro helps your brand with it’s online presence by providing social media marketing solutions. Right from proper communication and planning to implementation, depth testing and delivery Tej SolPro ensures that your brand receives all the necessary attention that it needs to. Some of the clients they have worked with include Indus University, Reliance Industry etc.
  • Digipple: Digipple helps your business grow digitally and helps you get noticed with its various social media marketing techniques and strategies. Known for creating unique strategies and helping the brands with their online presence, Digipple has been working with several clients such as Satved, Simplified, Rohn Healthcare etc to ensure that they make the most of their online presence.
  • WeCliq: WeCliq is a creative digital agency that has a knack for story-telling. They collaborate with brands to share their story with the help of their social media strategies. Some of the social media services that they are known for include Digital Content Creation, strategic campaign management etc. Some of the clients they have worked with includes Aava, Rashmi Uday Singh, Neptune House etc.
  • BeanStalk Theory: Beanstalk Theory provides you with 360-degree social media marketing services which helps your brand in reaching out to your audience effectively and building your brand out of a business. With the sole agenda of introducing a brand in the best ways possible, they make sure that your brand gets the much needed online visibility.

Here was the list of best social media marketing agencies in Ahmedabad. If you wish to become a digital marketing expert then you can always sign up for a social media marketing course in Ahmedabad, India as there are select few Social Media Marketing Institutes that make you industry-ready.