10 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Surat

10 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Surat

Internet has made a massive impact all over the world. This has caused the digital marketing revolutions and a lot of brands have chosen the internet marketing for their businesses and products. There are various digital marketing institutes in India which are constantly hiring people to grow their business. In this article, we will focus on the digital marketing courses in Surat, Gujarat.

Apart from Surat, there are a lot of free digital marketing courses in Gujarat. Brandveda, the digital marketing institute in Ahmedabad is also one of the best-known ones in all of India. These institutions will help you a lot in getting a job as a digital marketing consultant or social media marketing consultant in any company of your choice.


If you’re someone who wants to stand out from the crowd and kickstart their digital career with a massive boost, then Brandveda institute in Ahmedabad is undoubtedly the best option.


Brandveda, one of the leading institutes in Gujarat are known for their extraordinary course curriculum and 100% job placement assistance. The head trainer and the founder, Mr. Saurabh Pandey has 15+ years of experience in the field of digital marketing.


Brandveda course curriculum includes SEO Courses, Social Media Courses, E-commernce courses, Taboola Ads, Funnel marketing, and a lot more courses that will shape your digital marketing career. 


Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Surat – 

  • DigiPerform – 

The most acclaimed and famous digital marketing course in Surat is provided by the institution called DigiPerform. The program includes advanced certified courses. 

It is a nationwide organisation. This branch in Surat is well equipped to provide the students with the highest quality of education. They have more than 18000 students and more than 350 batches.

Course Structure – 

The whole advanced digital marketing course in DigiPerform actually is a very intense program 321+ hours. There are twelve modules in the paper and it covers the most important parts of digital marketing. The course includes online advertisement, social media marketing (SMM), pay per click (PPC), search engine optimisation (SEO), online earning, and sales optimisation. They also prepare you for job interviews. The students here also get complete placement assistance from the institutions.

Trainers – 

The institution has only taken those experts as trainers who are leaders in PPC, SEO, SMM and their respective departments.

Contact details:

  • Address – 310, 3rd Floor, Aastha Corporate Capital near ShyamMandir VIP Road, HartanaVesuSurat – 395007

  • ETC Academy – 

Ranking number two amongst the top digital marketing courses in Surat is the ETC Academy. They provide top most SEO course in India. This institution also provides the students with a completion certificate of the institution with certification from Google and HubSpot.

Course Structure – 

The course has 16 modules and covers both the basics and the advanced information about digital marketing. They teach the practical aspects of the field and make sure that the students get both the practical and theoretical idea.

Trainers – 

The faculty here consists of the best and they make sure to pay attention to the practical part of the work.

Contact Details

  • Address – 504-05 western Business Park, near JH Ambani School opposite SD Jain School, University Road, Vesu, Surat, Gujarat 395007

  • My Prachar – 

A very well-known digital marketing course in Surat is offered by an institution called as My Prachar. It starts from the basics and covers even the advanced methods of digital marketing. They also give you some knowledge on how to properly grow your business.

On finishing the course, you will also get a certificate for completion.

Course Structure – 

The course here has nine modules and the topics covered are –Email marketing, Google Ads, search engine optimisation and social media marketing.


The trainers of this social media marketing course in Surat are all highly qualified professionals. They possess a very deep knowledge of the basic as well as advanced digital marketing modules. The batches here are small and comprise of only 2 to 3 students, so that every student can get proper attention of the trainers.

Contact Details – 

  • Address – 1021, 3rd Floor, West Field Complex, Opp. Surya Kiran Apt., GhodDod Road, Surat, Gujarat 395007.

  • Surat Training Institute – 

This institute provides one of the best digital marketing courses in Surat. The institute is amongst the oldest and has won many awards for the courses they provide in IT. Their courses are classroom based.

Course Structure – 

The course here has seven modules which covers topics like search engine optimisation, social media marketing, pay per click, online reputation management, Google Adwords, mobile marketing and blogging.

Trainers – 

This digital marketing course in Surat is taught by some of the most experienced trainers who like to focus on the practical training. That have trained more than 100 students and most of them have achieved their dreams. These trainers are all certified by Google.

Contact Details – 

  • Address – 802, City Center, UdhnaMagdalla Road, Udhna, Surat, Gujarat 395007.

  • Evolve Click Academy – 

The Evolve Click Academy offers the top digital marketing courses in Surat. The institute offers several courses such as – Diploma in Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Social Media Management, Google Analytics, Digital Marketing and WordPress. 

Course Structure – 

They also provide an SEO course in Surat. The course consists of six modules which covers all the basics of digital marketing. 

Trainers – 

The trainers here are industry driven experts who are constantly revising the syllabus to suit the industry. They include live projects to give their students a practical experience. 

Contact Details – 

  • Address – 2/ 331, 2ND Floor-209 Hanuman Sheri, Shyam Chamber, oppositeKhatodra Sub-jail.

  • Inspire Institute – 

The Inspire Institute is well-known for their advanced digital marketing course in Surat. Apart from digital marketing, they offer several other IT training courses too. They offer high quality education and the fee is affordable too.

Course Structure – 

The course here only has 4 modules which include Digital marketing, introduction to Search Engines, Advanced SEO, and WordPress. 

Trainers – 

The Inspire Institute offers some of the most famous digital marketing courses in Gujarat. This is mostly achieved because of the amazing trainers here. They are skilled professionals and all have more than five years of experience in their field. They cover the advanced digital marketing courses. The trainers cover the latest tools to guide you through the live projects.

Contact Details – 

  • Address – 245,SantoshiKrupaSoc, Sitanagar,Varachha,Surat 

  • International Institute of Technology and Professional Training – 

If you are looking for the best digital marketing course in Surat, you might want to check out the International Institute of Technology and Professional Training. 

Practical and live projects are amongst the most important features of this institute. They positively put efforts in assisting their students with job placements in the best digital marketing agency in India.

Course Structure – 

The course is well designed and thus, prepares you for the industry. The course is flexible and short. It covers the advanced topics like offline SEO in an easy yet effective manner for the students.

Trainers – 

The trainers here are all digital marketing experts. They have more than eight years of experience and all are working in the top most IT companies in the industry. They will make sure that the best knowledge is given to you.

Contact Details – 

  • Address – 912 B, International Commerce Chamber, Near Kadiwala School, Majura Gate Surat-395002

  • Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing – 

This is a very famous digital marketing institute in Ahmedabad but it also has branches in Surat. This institute is associated with more than hundred brands and is the first institute to provide a 100 per cent guaranteed placement assistance 

Course Structure – 

The course here is case study based. This digital marketing course in Surat also holds several workshops in order to provide maximum help to their students.

Trainers – 

The experts who are best in their fields work as trainers here. They also have 10+ years of experience.

Contact Details – 

  • Address – SF 348, 3rd Floor Four Point, opposite C.B.Patel Health Club, VIP Road, Vesu, Surat, Gujarat

  • SajagInfotech – 

SajagInfotech only provides search engine optimisation training to their students. They have improved the skills of their students over the years and are considered as one of the top digital marketing courses in Surat.

Course Structure – 

          SajagInfotech provides modules like online SEO, offline SEO, paid advertising and        search engine marketing.

Trainers – 

The trainers here are professionals. Since they only train in SEO, they create experts of the field through their teaching 

Contact Details – 

  • Address – 416,417,4th Floor Abhishek Arcade, Yogi Chowk.Surat-395006

  • XPlore Institute – 

XPlore institute has made a point to provide their students with the best digital marketing courses in Surat. The user-friendly approach is what makes this unique. This is also have a lot of positive feedback from their students.

Course Structure – 

The course properly strategizes the most important aspects of digital marketing. They cover the whole topic and make sure not to leave anything out. They also teach their students to create strategies for SEO.

Trainers – 

The trainers of this institute are all professionals who take the help of real life case studies in order to provide knowledge to their students.

Contact Details – 

  • Address – 2/5087 Rustampura, Delha Street Surat, Gujarat 395002

Conclusion – 

A lot of businesses are looking to hire SEO specialists for their websites. Hence, if you enrol in one such social media marketing course in Surat, building your career and scope in digital marketing industry will be a lot easier for you.

What should be the exact digital marketing course duration? + (BONUS: Top 5 digital marketing courses to enroll in)

Digital Marketing is a game-changer for people who are trying to sell a product and service or create a personal brand. It has changed the dynamics of branding. Businesses are able to connect with their audiences on a personal level and understand their issues more closely. Apart from that, it has opened doors for homegrown businesses and start-ups as well. The major reason behind this is that digital marketing is cheaper as compared to traditional marketing. This major shift has inspired young students to pursue digital marketing courses in India.

A lot of private institutes and universities are offering this course. There is a lot of scope in this industry as students can look for a job or choose to start their own business after the completion of the course. However, the industry will judge you on the basis of the digital marketing course duration. Your ability to apply strategies will also depend on the duration of the course.

This is because digital marketing is a vast subject. There are institutes that provide a weekend course and institutes that provide a 6 months long course. Based on that, you will learn the intensive modules and learn to apply them. Hence, always research on the digital marketing course duration before enrolling with an institute.

What is included in a digital marketing course?

Affordable online digital marketing courses include various modules on search engines, social media channels, paid advertising, email marketing, content marketing and more. The course content from the top digital marketing institutes in India makes sure that you master the art of online marketing by reaching the right audience. It will teach you the right techniques and tips to create a powerful digital marketing strategy.

What is the right digital marketing course duration?

There can be no right digital marketing course duration as it can be relative to each individual. This is because if you are a beginner in the field, you will take time to understand the concepts and grasp the intensive modules. If you are working in the field and upgrading yourself, then you will understand the flow and hence, you do not have to worry about the digital marketing course duration.

If you are completely new to the subject, then opt for an online digital marketing course that talks about the basic modules and explains you the beginner strategies. Such courses last for 2 days to a week. They will just cover the basic modules and give you an idea of each topic.

Once you have understood the topic and what is included in it, you can go for detailed digital marketing courses in India. These courses are usually from 3 months to 6 months. They cover each and every topic in detail. Opt for such a course only if you are passionate about the subject and are looking to make a career out of it. This is because digital marketing course duration with longer hours is usually expensive and time-consuming. You will get a lot of assignments and you might have to do an internship after the course as well.

Once you have finished a 360-degree digital marketing course duration in India, you can look for specialized programs. A detailed course will give you exposure to all the topics and hence, you can choose a particular topic based on your liking. So, you can opt for specialized courses in the various arenas of digital marketing. This digital marketing course duration vary from institute to institute. Some last for 2 days while some are even 6 months long.

However, the standard time to learn digital marketing is 3 months. Hence, you should not opt for a digital marketing course duration that is lesser than that.

Top 5 digital marketing institutes in India:

If you are looking for lucrative and affordable online digital marketing courses, then read on. We have listed some of the best institutes in India that can make you a digital marketing rock star.

1. BrandVeda:

It is one of the top digital marketing institutes in India. It has also been awarded as the best digital marketing institute by Times of India. They have taught 50000+ students up till now and places 1000+ students. The institute has a wonderful team of faculty. The head trainer of the institute in Mr. Saurabh Pandey and he has 15+ years of experience in the industry.

The institute offers various courses but, you should enroll in their Digital marketing course. The digital marketing course duration in India is 3 months. The course includes topics like social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content marketing, email marketing, paid advertising and more.

Website: https://www.brandveda.in

2. Digital Vidya

It has ranked in the list of India’s 10 best online education providers for 2019. Their 360 degree digital marketing course is very lucrative and consists of 44 different modules. They provide classroom training as well as online digital marketing course. They also offer 15 certifications with tools that are worth 72k.

Their major modules include search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, web analytics, Facebook marketing and more. The digital marketing course duration consists of 100 plus hours. They even have 140 hours dedicated to assignments alone.

Website: https://www.digitalvidya.com


National Institute of Information Technology has a reputation past 30 years. They introduced their digital marketing course in 2012. It is one of the digital marketing institutes in India that is offering a post-graduation program in the field. You will have to be a graduate for enrolling in this program. They have a weekday and weekend batch both.

The program is online and provides self-paced learning. This program has an age criteria where the student has to be of 18-24 years. They also take a screening test before enrolling you in to the program. The digital marketing course duration consists of 400+ learning hours. A lot of digital marketing agencies in India support this course as it teaches modules based on industry requirements.

Website: https://www.niit.com

4. Learning Catalyst

It is one of the best digital marketing institutes in India. It was established in the year 2009 and they have courses that can help working professionals, entrepreneurs and students. They offer a lot of different courses. However, one of their lucrative specialized courses is for Digital publishers. It focuses on SEO.

Professionals like content marketers, brand mangers and management teams can sign up in this course. It is one of the digital marketing courses in India that teaches you to leverage the increased usage of digital media in the competitive market. The course also has case studies, competition research approach and market research approach. The digital marketing course duration in India is for a week only.

Website: https://learningcatalyst.in

5. Digital Scholar   

This is one of the digital marketing institutes in India that is owned by one of the leading digital marketing influencers Sorav Jain. The institute offers classroom training as well as online training. The digital marketing course duration for both is 3 months. It focuses on the hardcore skills of digital marketing.

They teach 12 different modules that include social media management, content writing, WordPress management, Search engine optimization, automation and more. Students will develop personality traits that resonate with the top digital marketing agencies in India, after the completion of the course. The institute also offers you with a blog and domain name at the time of the enrollment.

Website: https://digitalscholar.in

Hence, these were some of the top digital marketing courses in India. Check the course structure and the faculty experience before signing up for a course. These two things matter a lot. The digital marketing course duration in India vary drastically based on the institute or provider. Thus, you will be able to easily find a course that will suit your requirements.

Skills that you need to develop in order to learn Digital Marketing

Many people will tell you to develop a number of skills to become a digital marketer. However, that is not the case. You just need to develop a specific set of skills for the same.

Think out of the box
If you are planning to become a digital marketer, you need to think creatively. There are a lot of companies on the internet, and to capture your audience’s attention, you will have to think of an innovative and value-adding strategy. An online digital marketing course will surely help you with this.

Develop your analytical reasoning
As a digital marketer, you will have to interpret data properly. You need to understand the numbers on your sheet otherwise you will end up wasting a lot of money. Develop critical thinking habits with creativity and you will be able to ace the digital marketing game.


Being a digital marketer requires adaptability to constant change. This is because there are new platforms and tools emerging every day. Hence, join digital marketing courses in India that have updated modules. Also, understand the digital marketing course duration based on the module you are opting for. For example, SEO is a vast subject and hence, you should enrol in a course that offers more sessions. At the same time, email marketing is a brief subject and so, you can enrol in a 2-day workshop for the same.

Top Digital Marketing Institute in Malaysia

Are you in the marketing field? If yes, then what’s your marketing strategy? Is it the same old school method of offline marketing or the advanced form of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is one of the best components of marketing to promote or represent a particular product or a company. Digital marketing just requires a good internet connection, a PC, or a smartphone, and social media platforms or other digital media. However, all of these above-mentioned things are required to do digital marketing but the study of digital marketing is very vast. An affordable digital marketing course online in any of the components of digital marketing has the potential to get you a well-paid job. 

Malaysia is a developed country with advanced infrastructures and a growing market. The digitalization of the Malaysian market has been done a long way back. Now it is a necessity to get a digital marketing certificate to get recommended for a better position. If you are searching for the best digital marketing institute in Southeast Asia, then Google digital marketing course in Malaysia is the best choice for you.

What’s The Need To Join A Digital Marketing Institute?

Better Opportunities:
Getting advanced specialization knowledge will help in getting better opportunities. A valid certification will enhance the professional network and help in getting connected with experts.

Validating Skills:
A valid digital marketing certificate will help an individual during an interview to back his/her claims and expertise.

Increases Trust of Freelancing Prospects:
Freelancing prospects trust individuals with better knowledge and experience. A digital marketing certificate from a well-recognized institute will get the job done.

Stay Updated:
The latest is what society wants. The more updated a person is with technology, the better they serve its clients.

Things to Look At Before Joining a Digital Marketing Institute in Malaysia

Institute Expertise:
It is vital to get complete detail of the institute you are going to get enrolled in. A well-experienced institute can provide better teaching and knowledge to their students.

Reviews And Recommendation:
It’s better to go through a lot of reviews before finalizing a digital marketing institute. Also, check whether the institute is recommended by ex-students or not.

Check Tools And Modules:
Getting the latest and advanced knowledge will help for the longer term.

Course Fee:
Higher charging institutes can only provide better knowledge. This is a myth. Check if the course fee is reasonable for you. And also there are a few institutes that provide digital marketing course online free.

Getting a certificate after a course is very important as it is proof of your knowledge. Get the information, whether the institute provides a valid certificate or not.

Top Digital Marketing Institute in Malaysia


IIM Skills is a very famous and recommended digital marketing institute. This institute also provides digital marketing courses in India and has it’s headquartered in Delhi. This is also a top digital marketing institute in Malaysia and a go-to place for courses like content writing and digital marketing. This institute gives enough reasons to consider it as an ideal institute because it provides affordable fees, highly experienced mentors with high-level practical courses. 

This institute guides its students to get a specialization certificate in globally renowned courses. Further, under the same charges, it gives lifetime access to their course to stay updated with the changing trends. After course, it also allows their students to get an optional internship with them and also guides them with placements.


NEXT ACADEMY has achieved a good impression in the South-East Asian region for providing the best in class training to its students. This academy is considered the best digital marketing in Malaysia.

Whether a freelancer, digital marketer, entrepreneur, or software engineer, they enrol all of them to provide quality and updated digital marketing courses. This academy like many other digital marketing agencies in India influences aspirants to take up their courses to gain a massive boost in their upcoming careers with their highly trained faculties and industry-standard courses. Within a span of a few years, they have trained a record-breaking 1500+ students from all over the world. Their digital marketing course is a 12-week program and is considered as a highly affordable digital marketing course online.


It is amongst the highest enrolling top digital marketing institute in Malaysia. This training institute is registered with HDRF. They offer a long list of digital marketing courses in Malaysia. 

This training platform has individual courses on several topics like Google Ads, Facebook marketing, Facebook advertising, e-commerce, etc. This institute uses the latest and innovative methods of teaching and also promotes online teaching a lot. Even their trainers are immensely certified and share their experiences and tips to guide their students in a better way.

The validity of the course they provide on digital marketing is 12 months that includes a total of 15 online tutorial classes. Along with the classes, they assign mandatory tasks to have practical knowledge over the learned topic.


If you are looking for a great platform for digital marketing, then this academy is the top digital marketing institute in Malaysia. It is known to be a subsidiary of Asiantraining.com. This institute provides training in several segments. They hire experienced educators for taking classes as guest faculty to deliver the best knowledge to their enrolled students. Other than the guest faculties, the regular trainers are industry experts to help a student learn quickly. They have affiliations with several other institutions and hold a great list of clients.

They cover almost every segment of the digital marketing course in India and offer two days of live class for training. Along with that, they provide participation certificates too.


With over 25 years of experience and more than 500 active students, IHM College, the best of the digital marketing course in Malaysia has earned glory in all the sectors of their teaching. They have trained both domestic and international students with the required set of courses. With a highly qualified teaching staff, resources, and a proper environment, it has been easy for the college to train their students with industry-level courses.

IHM has been the best digital marketing institute in Malaysia that provides diploma, professional, and certification courses. The duration of their digital marketing course is 48 hours (8 classes for 6 hours each). They supply their candidates with certificates on 100% completion of the enrolled course that’s why it is considered the best marketing certification programs in Malaysia.


DMC, Malaysia offers the best digital marketing services and it is considered to be an awesome digital marketing institute in Malaysia. This training institute is the training wing of the very famous digital marketing consultancy. This institute is well recognized for providing training to corporate as well as freelance individuals. They have trained almost 800+ students and 100+ corporate by now. 

They offer their training in various digital marketing segments. Along with the course, they are given real-life practical sessions to master the course. This digital marketing course lasts for 90 days and after completing the course, each student is provided with a certificate.


Excel Academy has excelled in proving the best digital marketing courses and it is one of the most popular digital marketing institutes in Malaysia. This academy is the platinum partner of the Digital Marketing Institute and has trained around 55000 professionals from all around the world. Along with the digital marketing courses it also provides the aspirants with media courses too. 

The digital marketing course mostly includes topics like social media marketing, strategy, planning, etc. This digital marketing course takes only 30 hours for completion and is available in two forms – only online courses and online courses with workshops. The online course with workshops costs a bit higher than the other one. After the completion of the course, the candidates undergo a certification exam to get a certificate for the enrolled course.


Searchengine.my is part of JustSimple, a digital marketing institute in Malaysia. It leads from the front in helping businesses to grow all over the world. It provides integrated training on digital marketing courses that includes topics like SEO, PPC, lead generation, Google Analytics, amongst various other modules.

This institute offers in-house customized private training and corporate training too. This digital marketing course is a very short term course that lasts for just one day, for only 8 hours (10 am to 6 pm ). Within these 8 hours, you get to learn a lot of strategies. You also get a certificate for the same.


Search for digital marketing course in Malaysia, It does not matter as there are institutes present everywhere. Digital Marketing courses have now become a necessity to stay in the race of the developing market. 

As we discussed earlier, people enroll in these courses to just sharpen their knowledge. But a few start their career with this course. So, whichever is the case, picking the best digital marketing course online free is a must.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Institutes in Rajkot

Digital Marketing has changed the dynamics of the business industry. It is a new-age career field which has immense possibilities. A lot of youngsters are attracted towards this field, because it provides a lot of exciting opportunities. If you are planning to pursue digital marketing, you can open a wide array of options for yourself. It is possible to seek a job, start a freelancing business or become an entrepreneur. The best part is that there are a lot of digital marketing institutes in India to choose from.

Make sure to check the course content and the faculty profile before enrolling in any institute. If you are residing in Rajkot, then there are certain institutes that you can look forward to.

Here are the Top 7 Digital Marketing Institutes in Rajkot Name List:

1. BrandVeda

BrandVeda is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Rajkot. They offer online training as well as classroom training. Their complete syllabus is industry-relevant as it is approved by the world’s leading brands and agencies. The head trainer of the institute is Mr.Saurabh Pandey who has an experience of 15+ years in the field.

Read more

How To Make Money in Corona Times?

How To Make Money in Corona Times?

All the businesses small and large are shutdown. So, how do we survive in these troubled times? There are a lot of challenges for a business owner as we are in the times of a national calamity.

How can one work as a digital marketer during this crisis?

The first thing that one can do as a digital marketer is you have to understand the mass psychological behaviour of the people concerning different industries. Most of the big businesses are closed. This impacts many people. As it has impacted the masses, you can sense the fear. You can sense the insecurity and lack of trust among the people. Both these are not one the same. It is due to the insecurity that you do not trust anyone right now. The insecurity has made people distance from each other. Now a big social proofing is required. The psychological behaviour has been hampered and people are full of fear.

In the facet of the commercial aspect like building up a company, making up a brand, taking that out to the consumers etc, the first thing required now is to understand the human psychology with all the aspects mentioned above and then identify what they require when the lockdown is open. This lockdown has helped me in identifying my priorities, my importance and my luxury. We have started defining our priorities, decisions and our luxuries. The main priority is that we and other people are sanitized. This sense has prevailed in a family and it would be difficult to believe and trust others for sanitization. Now that the industries are starting they would want to assure people that they should be sanitized and possess sanitary products so that you can use them for free. This implies to private industries, travel industry, cafes, hospitality industry, the grocery stores, the grocery stores, etc. They want to assure people that they are sanitized and they have sanitary products at their stores so that you can people can use them for free.

After the 18th day of the lockdown when one goes out, one will have a psyche whether the other person is sanitized or not. You need to ensure that you are sanitized. Even if you go for a personal meeting, one will let the other person know that he or she is sanitized. You have to understand the psychological changes that the nation or the world is going to face in the next 18 days. If one opens an e-commerce store, nobody will go out and buy because one doesn’t have ample money to spend on luxuries currently. Already a lot of frustration is creeping into the 130 crore people sitting at home.

Quarrels are taking place in households. For instance, some people have an addiction to smoking and some have an addiction to eating tobacco and due to this, there is a lot of chaos. So the psychological patterns are changing and also the perception of seeing the entire world is changing. The perception of people towards each other is changing rapidly.

Marketing is for the people, by the people. In case you have a product to sell but people are not there for it, then it is of no use. The main thing is to make people or customers fall in love with your brand.

Why digital marketers should get into some depth?

When you merge Digital and marketing industries, it becomes digital marketing. Marketing has been there for a long time and the sole purpose of marketing is to take the product to the consumer. You have to be aware of the consumer is happy or not. If the consumer is not happy with the product, then you have to take the feedback from him and make it much better than before. When the product is rectified, you need to take it back to the consumer. So, this is a complete cycle. In this cycle, if there are no people, then your product will not do any wonders. In the current situation, you won’t be able to generate any miracle. The first aspect that you have to do from the marketing point of view is to understand user’s psychological behaviour. We are expecting that the nationwide lockdown will open on 14th April and we still don’t know if it will continue further.

Now from 14th of April, the market is expected to open.  Consumers are ready to come to a decision. People will be having different priorities when the lockdown is relaxed. The market may start functioning on the 20th of April. The reason why marketers need to understand the psychological behaviour of the users is that when everybody is ready to listen to your content on 20th of April, you will put the exact proper content for them in their language assuring them of social proofing. Social proofing is a phenomenon concerned with psychology where people believe that the action of others in an attempt to exhibit the right behaviour for a particular scenario. So social proofing is the utmost priority for the people. It doesn’t matter that you own a website but it is important that you are socially proofed. All the policies like CAA, NRC etc revolve around social proofing and it is all about mass psychology. We should create the content but not the usual way that we used to do it earlier.

We should focus on psychology and have some different mindset in the way we used to create content and how we create it now. This is an important part on which we have to concentrate. We have to focus on the psychological aspect. The industry is doing very well and people are keen to start their venture. People are eager to learn about dropshipping and affiliate marketing.

What are the tips in this scenario if a newbie wants to start his own business in the digital marketing arena or as an affiliate marketer and what skill sets are required by such a person?

Two types of people exist. There are ones who want to start their digital space like an e-commerce business, blog writing business or selling some products. The other aspect is those who want to start their business as a business marketer and open an agency. People should not choose entrepreneurship in the current situation. If they know that this is not the right time, it means that they have not decided on their own. The main thing is that the will to do the business has to come from one’s self.  

The journey of entrepreneurship is not that easy and there is a variation in it. This is not the right time to start a business because the market is not yet ready. People need to have the will of becoming an entrepreneur. They can help humanity in whatever way they can.  If the lockdown goes beyond the 14th of April, I would, for instance, prepare Maggie noodles at home and I would start selling that to my neighbours. It won’t be for earning money. Maggie will be a luxury for them as it is not available in the market. People will get assured that Maggie has been prepared in a sanitized area and they will feel comfortable that it is served in safe boxes. 

At the time of crisis when people don’t have a luxury with them, I will be providing them with this facility. If you can help the consumer and you think that is the right time to start, just start doing it.

If one is starting a job hunt, the chances are very bleak presently. If one is searching for freelance work, there is a lot of competition for it as everyone is ready to do work from home. So it is difficult to get work as a freelancer.  If you feel you can do entrepreneurship and have a strong desire to do it, this is the right time to analyze and just start it. One should not have a second thought about it. Being an entrepreneur, you should be ready to take some risk. You have to ask yourself if you can take a risk. You can’t keep the money as the centre point of your business. If you have the aptitude for it, this is the best time to start the business. When a person has some zeal and a passion in him or her, he should straight away think of starting a venture of his own. The entire thing is about taking chances to be it any type of business like digital marketing, marketing etc.

Digital Marketing Course after COVID 19: Is it uncertain?

You need to take some bold decisions as you don’t have the time. One has to learn and after the learning phase, he or she has to improvise and work on yourself and move ahead. The question you have to ask yourself is whether you are passionate or interested in the business. You have to set your priorities whether you want to do a job which you love or a business in which you are passionate about. The basic thing is no matter what happens, you need to be ready to take the step.  There will never be an ideal condition for anyone who wants to start a business because there will be a time when Corona Virus will go forever. There can be a lot of issues for a person after Corona Virus. If you have the passion and a desire to start a business, then you need not listen to anyone and just start the business.

It has been observed that small business owners want to start with social media marketing and they are very confident of social media marketing. People will try to go online after the Corona Virus threat subsides. Some people were running 10 or 12 ads, but now suddenly they are having 100 ad copies and to your surprise, they have started the ad campaign just 24 to 48 hours before. People have started pouring money in digital marketing and digital marketing courses irrespective of the sentiments going on.  If I am a big brand, I want to be in front of my customers but in a different way.

What are the tips for a beginner whose objective is to get in a job?

It has been seen that digital marketing has grown to a great extent and it’s users have increased. Snapchat revived because it could send the snaps, stories etc. The first thing that a candidate who is applying to the job is to have clarity about what to do in the digital marketing space. When the recruiter gets a resume from the applicant stating that he is a digital marketing executive or a digital marketing expert,  it all sounds generic to the recruiter.

It is expected from a person to tell the recruiter that he is good at something like Facebook advertisements. He should mention his skills. For example, he is good in Facebook ads or Google AdWords or he is good in graphics or writing the content or writing the copyright content. He is an expert in writing the blog content and not the press releases or if he is specializing in writing press releases solely. One has to be very specific. If one possesses specific information, then he or she can start gearing up for that specific job.

When you define yourself as a digital marketer, you will have a specific strategy in mind. A very common issue that an employee has is that sometimes he is given work that he doesn’t want to do. For instance, an employee tells the employer that he can make the finest carousal designs on Instagram, then he will be given that job only. One needs to define his or her specific niche which you love to do. A recruiter chooses that candidate who can make his task easier. The candidate has to be aware of the current updates like that on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. A candidate has to be up to date with the current knowledge or current affairs.

How to keep ourselves motivated and updated during these troubled times?

One has to introspect himself or herself and try to improve on it. One has to be very patient with oneself. You have to tell yourself that a particular thing needs to be done and then proceed with it. The important thing is to love yourself. You have to wake up every morning, look into the mirror and hug yourself and say that you love yourself. If you do this activity for a long time, it will have positive effects on your life. Learning is of utmost significance. When you learn every day, you will be instilled with confidence and it will motivate you. Many renowned people invest their time and money in learning and that is why they are successful. For instance, you can spend ten years in digital marketing and have mastery over it. Another thing is to stop reading newspapers and TV as it can create negativity and reduce your efficiency.


If you possess the skill set which nobody has, then that works in your favour. You will be the best performer when you have the requisite amount of learning and lessons with you. In this way, you will excel in your field and be successful in life.

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6 Free Google Digital Marketing Courses you should enroll in today

6 Free Google Digital Marketing Courses you should enroll in today

Do you wish to get certified by Google so that you can kick start your career immediately?

Have you stumbled upon the term, “Digital Marketing”? Do you wish to learn digital marketing?Well, the good news is that you can.

Google provides various digital marketing courses that help you understand the basics of the field. There are a lot of free Google digital marketing courses available. The courses can help you learn various topics like search engine marketing, Paid Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing. Some of the courses teach you Analytics as well.

Google actually updates it courses timely. This is because there are new developments happening in the field every single day. Advertisers and marketers need to match the pace of the change or else, they will not be able to create successful marketing campaigns. Thus, it is a good idea to learn from the leaders itself. Google is a platform that actually introduces various tools that help with Digital marketing strategies. Hence, it is a good idea to enroll in free Google digital marketing courses.



Google Digital marketing courses are really beneficial and they can actually train students and professionals both. It includes various digital marketing channels, campaign strategies and content practices that can help individuals to optimize various campaigns on Google.

The other added advantage of enrolling in free Google digital marketing course is that Google is the most preferred search engine. Hence, if you want to learn search engine marketing, then Google is the best option as they can teach you their algorithms and audit points in detail.

“Various research reports suggest that the growth of Digital Marketing is booming in India. The country will produce more than 20 lacs job opportunities in 2020. Although, there are not enough digital marketing professionals as compared to the number of jobs.”

 Thus, it is a good idea to at least start gaining the basic knowledge of the field with the help of online Google Digital Marketing courses. Apart from that, if you want to go for classroom training Digital marketing courses, then you must check the various institutions in India that offer such options.

Google provides free training in digital marketing. However, you need to appear for various examinations in the end of the course. The examination is not free. There is a fee that needs to be paid based on the course. Only then you will be able to acquire a certification. Thus, it is important to pay attention during the different course modules. In order to pass the examination, the basics of each module must be clear.

Read on to find out the free Google digital marketing courses that you must enroll in. 

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing

This is one of the best courses available on Google. It offers a complete overview on the topic which includes various modules that fall under the field of Digital Marketing and also offers all the key concepts and an overall review of the significant topics.

This particular course will teach you the basic marketing channel which includes Social media platforms, search engine browsers and data analysis. It actually includes every aspect of digital marketing and this course is surely a one stop solution for learning the topic which is a good idea to enroll in the course if you are a business owner as well. This will literally teach you to grow your business online and convert it in to a profit generating model. Apart from that, it definitely helps individuals to build a career in the field.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

 This is a complete free digital marketing course by Google. All you need to do is just sign up on the platform. After that, you will actually receive an elaborative lesson plan of 23 topics that fall under digital marketing. All the notes and lesson videos will be included in the plan. You can actually refer to the topic as many times as you want.

Google has also tried to make the learning process interactive and fun. It keeps on asking various puzzles and quizzes in between two lesson plans. This will actually help you understand a particular topic and you can also measure your grasping power with the help of these quizzes. After the completion of the lesson plan, you can unlock the certification questions. If you pass them, Google will generate a certificate for you.

It is a wonderful and appropriate course for students looking to understand the field and job seekers waiting to kick start their career. The certification will definitely add on to your resume. Apart from that, you can also watch various tutorials from digital marketing experts of Google. This will help you understand a particular concept and grasp the principles and strategies. The course also teaches you to apply the various strategies in the practical world.

2. Mobile Advertising Course

Everyone owns a smartphone in today’s world. Thus, learning mobile marketing is a crucial part of the digital marketing strategy. Also, this course just covers the topic of mobile advertising and thus, it will prepare you for the Mobile Advertising exam as well. You will actually learn the basic strategies and mobile ad campaigns. This is again a free Google mobile marketing course.

The course comes with an exam study guide which will help you prepare for the certification exam. It includes important topics like mobile advertising, ad campaign bidding and budget with re-marketing and targeting the audiences. Apart from that, the course comes with a refresher guide as well. This guide contains a summary of each topic of the course. It also has the steps to Mobile Ad words campaign and thus, it can come handy while forming an ad campaign.


Clients are looking for digital marketers that can help them generate sales and profits. Thus, in today’s smartphone oriented world, learning mobile marketing can be very beneficial. It is a good idea to ace this skill because after that, you will be able to gain job offers or set your freelancing career. Google’s manual is surely beneficial and thus, helps you create wonderful and profitable promotions.

3. Tools and Best Practices Course

This is again a very lucrative course. It is basically for professionals who are already in the field of digital marketing. Students who have basic knowledge of the field can also opt for this free Google digital marketing course. This particular course will help you create innovative and profitable ad campaign strategies.

In order to create a successful ad campaign, planning and strategizing is really important. It is important to investigate a brand’s competitor before creating an ad campaign. Tools help a digital marketer to investigate. Without proper knowledge and research, an innovative campaign will also fail. It is evident for a marketer to investigate the current digital marketing trends and research on the probable keywords. Thus, in order to do that, this course is necessary.


This particular free digital marketing course on Google best practice guide actually gives insights on the best search engine marketing strategies, Ad words methodologies and paid advertising. The various tools that this course teaches you includes:

  • Keyword Planner and Display Planner
  • Google Planning tools
  • Google trends
  • Consumer Barometer among a few others.

It is important to understand that Google does not offer any certification for this course. However, this particular free digital marketing course helps in gaining knowledge and forming profitable digital marketing strategies.

4. AdWords Fundamentals Course

Digital Advertising is a very important part of digital marketing. It helps a brand or company gain new clients and also generates profit. Advertising helps in brand awareness as well. It is a very strategic module which actually teaches an individual to focus on their potential clients and urge them to buy a particular product. It is important to spend enough time in planning a campaign in Google Adwords by selecting proper targeting options. The targeting options are everything in Adwords. The complete campaign is actually based on that.


The modules in this course helps a student to understand the working channel of Adwords. Almost all paid advertising campaigns can be generated with the help of Google Adwords. The course comes with an Adwords study guide which helps an individual plan for the certification exam. It includes chapters on various parts of web advertising with Adwords. Apart from that, it also includes the advantages of internet advertising with the basics of setting up a campaign. The book also teaches an individual to check and change the campaign requirements after it is live, based on its performance.

Apart from that, the course offers an Adwords refresher guide as well. It has a summary of all the topics and thus, it is a good idea to refer to it before appearing for the exam. The course module contains a complete process and channel of setting up a campaign to tracking and enhancing the ad campaign when needed.

It also teaches you to build ads with relevant ad extensions. Apart from that, the course contains a module on finding the right keywords for your ad campaign. This free Google digital marketing course will teach you to generate a profitable financial plan so that you can achieve maximum results in a limited budget.

5. Video Advertising Course

Videos are the most engaging form of content on the Internet. People love watching videos as they get entertained and informed with them. As a digital marketer, it is really important to understand video marketing. Videos can help you create profitable relationships with potential clients. This Google video advertising course contains various modules which includes information on video campaigns, video promotion practices and significance of video marketing.


Apart from that, the course also helps you prepare for the video advertising examination. The course again comes with a study guide and refresher guide. The course covers basic and advanced video advertising concepts. It also teaches the method of promotion on YouTube with Google Display Network. It also teaches you to manage the campaign and track its performance. The refresher guide comes with a summary of the whole course and thus, it is wise to check it before appearing for the examination.

The free google digital marketing course will also give you information on various video advertisements and their uses. Apart from that, it will also help you in making video advertisements for your clients as a digital marketer with the help of YouTube easily.

6. Search Advertising Course

Advertisements are the most important part of digital marketing. Thus, learning about various advertisements online can actually help you in fueling your career as a digital marketer. This course contains various modules that help students understand the basics of search ads optimization. It will also prepare an individual for the Search Advertising exam.


The course comes with a study guide and a refresher guide. It includes modules like search functions, ad campaign set up, ad configuration with monitoring and optimisation of ads as well. The refresher guide comes in handy while setting up an Adwords campaign. It also contains a module for remarketing.

Who can opt for the free Google Digital Marketing Courses?

  • Graduates

Freshly graduated students can opt for free google digital marketing courses. It is important to understand that the students can be of any stream or field. The only thing that is needed for opting in this course is an aptitude of the Internet and passion for marketing. Also, these course are short term and hence, they can be done while studying graduation as well.

  • Marketing Professional

Google digital marketing courses are really lucrative for marketing professionals. It can help them give a boost to their career. In today’s time, almost all companies are forming a digital presence to reach out to their potential customers. Thus, the job market is really lucrative for digital marketers.

  • Entrepreneurs

It is a good idea for start-up owners to enroll in Google digital marketing courses. It can help them form various digital marketing strategies to grow their business. Apart from that, they can also save money by not hiring a digital marketing manager.



Google Digital Marketing courses are designed to understand the workings of digital marketing. On top of that, they aid an individual in clearing the certification examinations as well. Thus, after the examination you can actually become a Google certified digital marketing manager.

Apart from that, BrandVeda’s Masters in Digital marketing course helps students in clearing all the Google certification examinations. It also trains you with all the necessary skills that are required by a successful Digital Marketing manager.

The trainers and founders that lead the program are Google certified themselves. Thus, they can help you with solving all your doubts for the Google Digital marketing courses and examinations.  https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalunlocked

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