Top 15 Reasons Causing Drop in Website Traffic

Is your website ranking losing traffic on search engine?

Your business may get affected if your Website experience a significant drop in ranking.

The best practice is to know the reasons that, why your site is losing its grace?

Google has decided to give ranking to all websites with few predefined rules for every website.

All you need to do is to configure your website in a proper way to get higher ranking and more traffic for lead generation.

1. Duplicate Content:

The duplicate content issue happens when a website owner unknowingly creates the same content which is available on other’s website. And sometimes adding URL parameters or alternate versions of URLs can also cause this issue.

This problem can be a reason for drop-in website traffic.

2. Mobile Compatibility:

Since the origin of mobile device, people spend most of the time on mobile for calling and for searching for information also.

So if your website is not mobile friendly your site will drop ranking, Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which improves websites performance on mobile devices.

You just ensure that your website works properly on mobile also to get back on higher ranking.

3. Time on Site:

Your website engagement may affect its ranking.

The user-friendly content is more engaging for audiences which give a higher ranking on the website.

But if your website content is not as structured as your user require chances will be high for getting exited from your website. Short time on the website shows Google that your website is not properly designed and well defined for the user.

4. Simple Technical Issues:

Technical issues are changing day by day and play a very important role in SEO of any website.

They can be severe if not sorted by the right time. Always try to solve technical issues timely to keep your website up on ranking parameters.

5. Geographic distribution:

Your geographic location can also affect your website rankings.

To get more accurate results of your site rankings you need to check in several other geographic areas.

For example, for a specific keyword or phrase, you rank in the first page, but this ranking won’t be the same across other locations.

Google will take into account sites you have previously visited into your location and the device you are using for your search results.

6. Domain, DNS or NS structure:

If you are really concerned about your website ranking than always be updated with the latest algorithm launched by Google

I would start with technical checking to see if any changes to the domain, DNS (Domain Name Server) or NS (Name Server) structure have been made that could have caused this.

7. Page Speed:

If your page loading speed is low, then it may frustrate your audiences.

According to Kiss Metrics, around 47 per cent of visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds, and 40 per cent of visitors will exit the website if the page loading process takes more than 3 seconds and your website’s bounce rate will increase.

You can use Google’s new and improved version which is Page speed tool to check your webpage speed.

8. Your competitors are doing better than you:

You are following all kind of better practice to get higher ranking on the search engine but still, you may see a fall on ranking, as your competitors are working better than you.

There are few tools like Wayback Machine to check the changes your competitor made.

You can also try with the same changes to get your position back.

9. Algorithm Changes:

Google always keep changing strategies for users and always making algorithm changes.

Many sites have been penalized by these changes and suffered in the form of a significant drop in site rankings.

To avoid being penalized by Google’s updates, use effective cross-channel marketing and traffic strategy that includes social media and other marketing channels.

10. Switching HTTP to HTTPs:

HTTPs or SSL certificate has lots of benefits for website, After the announcement of Google for making non-secure pages with a big red mark.

So plan properly while you move your site from HTTP to HTTPs.

11. Broken Redirects:

If you are using a 301-redirect, you must make sure that XML sitemaps, canonical tags, and links are also updated. A 301 redirect is alike to a change of address notice for the web.

This message tells search engines that a page, several pages, or your entire website has been moved.

To escape from penalization by Google do it correctly then you won’t lose your rankings, nor will you get penalized for duplicate content because search engines are indexing both your old and new web address.

12. Google penalties:

If your site comes in Google penalties than your web traffic will face a down in graph. You can check alerts given by Google in Google Search console account.

You can also, check for messages on your Google Webmaster Tools tab that alert you to harmful activity or errors on your site like Crawl Errors and HTML errors.

You can find easily about this matter on any tool like google webmaster.

13. Track your Lost Links:

A “backlink” is one of the most important terms in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). Building links is a difficult task. And it’s so frustrating when hard‐earned links disappear without any pre-indication.

In Ahrefs reports you can see the link loss reason as “link removed.” This is true. There used to be a link to us from that page.

14. Toxic Backlinks:

In May 2013, people surprised when Penguin 2.0 launched by Google.

As immediately, all search rankings on the internet dropped via the Page Rank this happened due to toxic backlinks Toxic backlinks are the most stubborn links on any website and can cause a fall on page ranking.

15. You’re tracking the Wrong Rankings:

Most of us try to use sophisticated keywords for our website but this pattern is not working nowadays.

When we search on google, we type only simple “phrases” or simple sentences not complicated so as our audience.


Your website ranking drop issues will give you the idea that what the bad practice you should avoid and what the best practice should you go ahead with. Be aware, as there is no shortcut to increasing your website traffic and high search engine rankings.


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